5 Ways Using Clicklist Can Help Control Your Grocery Budget

budget groceries made easy

Does your grocery budget need some discipline? Do you need an easier way to stop impulse buys and stick to your list?  Well then I have the solution for you..... ClickList! What is ClickList?  ClickList is Smith's Food and Drug new online shopping system. Check out my previous article and video on how to use ClickList In the meantime let me share why using ClickList can help you control your grocery budget 5 ways using ClickList can help control your grocery budget Shop from items you buy often.  Once you sign in you'll see your favorites items, which are based on your frequent shopper card. Using your menu planner, it forces you to create a shopping list. No more impulse buys. Know exactly how much you are … [Continue]

6 Steps to Help You Accomplish Your New Years Resolution Goals

2014 Vision Board 1

It's time for New Years Resolution Goals.  The year flew by fast and now I'm thinking about the goals I want to accomplish for the new year.  If you're like me many of the goals you are setting are likely a repeat of goals you set for the previous year.   That got me thinking that I really needed to do things differently in order to accomplish my goals for this year. Let's be honest here, I stink at accomplishing goals.  I give up way too easy or somehow find a way or excuse out.  I start off all gung ho and then I lose interest or it becomes too hard to continue with and I just stop. … [Continue]

When You’re a Christian Who Hates Christmas


I'm a Christian who hates Christmas. I know I shouldn't use the word hate because it is such a strong word so I'll tone it down a bit. Over the past few years, I've dreaded Christmas. … [Continue]

8 Cell Phone Stocking Stuffers Ideas

stocking stuffer ideas for teens

The older my kids get, the more creative I have to get with their stockings.  As I was brainstorming some ideas, I thought about cell phone accessories.  These inexpensive gift ideas are perfect for stocking stuffers. Not to mention these gifts will last them all year long. … [Continue]

Give the Gift of Woombie


Have you ever received a gift for your baby that you just didn't know if you would love? That was me! A few years back, I received a Woombie. I had not been aware of this baby essential with my firstborn. But in the Fall of 2015, we began using the Original Wombie with our second daughter. Can I tell you that this was the best gift ever! … [Continue]

5 Tips to Prepare for a Debt Free Christmas

Debt Free Christmas

In a blink of an eye, Christmas will be here before you know it.  To keep your Holiday Stress Free, I’ve got 5 tips to help you to start preparing now! Even before Halloween season began, the stores put out their Christmas stock on the showroom.  They are prepared and they want you to buy, buy and buy!  Many of us aren't prepared.  We're … [Continue]

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