One Year Christmas Planner Printable

Christmas Planner Printable

A Christmas Planner Printable?  Christmas is over!  I know and I'm so thankful. It's such a stressful time of year. From Oct on... I feel like I'm underwater!  I'm ashamed to say it's been hard to celebrate.  I finally feel relieved when it's 11:59 pm Christmas Eve.  That's when my celebration begins. I don't want to feel this way.  I want to be able to enjoy the season.  So I started thinking of what I could do and realized I just need to get organized.  I created a 1 year Christmas Planner to help me remember things I needed to do, that I could do months ahead of time, to stay organized.  If you've been feeling the same way, then you'll definitely want to pin, print or save this planner. … [Continue]

How to Save on Car Rentals – I saved almost $500 with these 5 Tips!

Cheap Car Rental

How to Save on Car Rentals is a post inspired by a huge mistake I made.  Had I not investigated more, I would have ended up paying almost $500 for this mistake.  (I chose the comic book theme on this image.. because I really felt I needed a superhero to the rescue). … [Continue]

Start the New Year off with Your Free Credit Score

free credit score

Getting your free credit score is a great way to start of the New Year!  Many of you are making resolutions to get your finances in order and this is the perfect way to get started. Now getting your free credit score is absolutely free with Credit Sesame.  You do not have to enter a credit card or anything. Which is something I love about this. … [Continue]

6 Steps to Help You Accomplish Your New Years Resolution Goals

2014 Vision Board 1

It's time for New Years Resolution Goals.  2014 flew by fast and now I'm thinking about the goals I want to accomplish for 2015.  If you're like me many of the goals you are setting for 2015 are likely a repeat of goals you set for 2014.   That got me thinking that I really needed to do things differently in order to accomplish my goals for this … [Continue]

Printable Cash Envelopes – Great Way to Stay on Budget

printable cash envelopes

Printable Cash Envelopes are a great way to stay on budget.  I haven't used them for quite a while and getting back on a budget is one of the top things on my list this year.     Dave Ramsey swears by using cash and in his kit he includes cash envelopes.  That's how we came to use this method.   We went through ours and instead … [Continue]

Fresh and Easy’s Smarter Market – Perfect for Moms on the Go

Fresh and Easy Centennial

Over the past few years Fresh and Easy has gone through several transitions... New ownership and closing of stores just to name a few.  I despised the changes.  I loved the store and wasn't happy to see things change.   Until now...   … [Continue]

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