Fresh and Easy’s Smarter Market – Perfect for Moms on the Go

Fresh and Easy Centennial

Over the past few years Fresh and Easy has gone through several transitions... New ownership and closing of stores just to name a few.  I despised the changes.  I loved the store and wasn't happy to see things change.   Until now...   … [Continue]

Outback’s Click Thru Seating – Perfect for Large Families

Outback CTS

My youngest son just celebrated his 7th birthday.  I asked him if he wanted me to make him dinner or take him out to eat.  He said he wanted to go out to eat.  I asked him, "Where do you want to go?"  He said, " Outback!"  I love taking my family out to eat but I despise the wait time we experience because of our large family. Most tables and booths at restaurants seat 4.  So with our family of 6 we normally experience longer wait times.  We have to wait for two tables to finish in order to be seated.  Sometimes we get lucky when a restaurant has a big enough booth for all of us, but there aren't many of these booths available so we still end up waiting.  That's why I love Outbacks Click Thru Seating. … [Continue]

Free Subscription to Compassion Explorer Magazine

compassion international magazine for kids

Right now you can get a free 1 year subscription to Compassion Explorer magazine.  It's a free kids’ magazine that is designed to help kids understand what life is like in developing countries. Compassion Explorer magazine puts a face on poverty in an age-appropriate and engaging way, and will help inspire kids to make a difference for … [Continue]

Christmas Maze Game – Help Santa

Santa Holiday Craze

This free printable Christmas Maze Game is bound to keep your kids entertained. It's a great way to keep your kids busy.  Especially when you need a few moments to finish something up. … [Continue]

Survive Black Friday Shopping with Shopular

shopular app

We have 10 days until Black Friday - Wow! This month is going by so fast.  I'm thankful that I only have one more week left of the 26 week Christmas Savings Plan. When I'm done with that I'll have my $1001 dollars! I'm scoping the Black Friday ads using my Shopular App listing it out on my Black Friday printable.  I guess you could say I'm … [Continue]

5 Things I Learned at The Buying Summit Vegas

Buying Summit

I recently attended the Buying Summit Vegas event.  The post is a little different from what we normally share.  Since we discuss finance on the blog, I thought you would find it interesting to hear about real estate investing. When it comes to investing, I am afraid of investments. I am as skeptical as them come. I see all of these … [Continue]

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