20 Minutes of Chaos

20 m inutes of chaos

School started back up this week.  I'm so excited because this is my first year without having any of the kids home.  Yesterday was a day of quiet, I didn't have any cleaning or laundry to do.  I started making dinner early because we had to be at the ball field by 4pm.  I put rice in the rice cooker and had pressure cooked my meat.  Feeling ahead of the game I left early to pick up the kids since our school parking lot has been a bit crazy. By the time I got to the school, it appreared that everyone else had the same idea.  There wasn't much parking left but I was still able to park within the same area I normally do.  My kids never saw the car, so we ended up leaving late.  I needed a few ingredients at the store... which put us … [Continue]

10 Free Mother and Son Activity Ideas

mom and son activities

Looking for free mother and son activity ideas?  We'll you've come to the right place.  I have 3 boys that I love to take out and do activities with.  However we don't always have the funds to do that.  When we do have the funds, to be honest my husband and I take advantage of date night instead.  That left me with looking for ways to have a mother and son activities without costing me money. … [Continue]

The Ultimate Bucket List for Couples

the ultimate bucket list for couples

Being a one income family prevents us for doing a lot of fun filled activities. We tend to put things on the back burner and the next thing you know we're getting ready to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary and we've never taken any anniversary trips. … [Continue]

Household Printables for an Easier Back to School

Household Printables Collage

My household printables are a life saver.  During the summers we get pretty laxed.  We go with the flow, we don't make schedules and we just try and have fun.  Now that school is coming back into session our lives get busy.  We've got church, sports and school functions and it's so hard to keep up.   … [Continue]

Top 10 Back to School Lunch Must Haves

back to school lunch

Looking for Back to school lunch ideas?  Making a home lunch is one of the ways we save money, but with that in mind I want to make sure that the items we use can make life a little simpler. … [Continue]

5 Walgreens Super Tips for Back to School Savings #Giveashot

walgreens give a shot

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  As a busy mom of 4, I need to shop places that will save me time, money and be a place where I can get most of my to do list marked off.  Whether I'm getting my children's immunizations or back to school items I can do all of that at … [Continue]

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