Wet N Wild Coupon Code Las Vegas

Wet N Wild

Wet'n Wild Las Vegas brings back so many memories when I was a kid.  I remember spending the days there and enjoying all of the rides, it was one of my most fondest summertime memories. … [Continue]

Easy Back to School Lunch Prep Moms Will Love!

lunch prep feature

School is starting school and getting back into a routine is hard.  Therefore, I wanted to share with you my Easy Back to School Lunch Prep idea.       Let me first explain that as much as I would love to make those cute bento box lunches.... you know the ones with the cute cut out sandwiches in the shape of my kids favorite characters.  However I just don't have time for that. Mornings and me don't get along too well.  Therefore a weekly lunch prep is a lifesaver.   After I get up, I have the kids get showered then dressed. Once one child is done they go downstairs, have breakfast and are responsible for getting their lunch together. … [Continue]

The Summer of Great Memories with Printable Summer Activities Bucket List

summer activities feature

We are just over a week in our Summer break, we don't have any summer travel planned and my kids are bored. I'm trying to get done all of the things I wasn't able to tackle during the school year. It's 110 out so needless to say the kids aren't interested in playing outside. My energy level on a scale of 1 to 10 to entertain my kids is a 1. So … [Continue]

Frozen Cupcake Cake – Elsa

frozen cupcake cake diy

My girlfriends daughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday.  This baby girl holds a special place in my heart because we prayed for this child to be born and God answered our prayer.  With that being said, when it comes to her birthday I can't help to be involved.  Last year was a Dr. Seuss Party and this year was Frozen. … [Continue]

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Smoothie is one of my favorite smoothie recipes.  It doesn't require a bunch of strange ingredients and it only take a few minutes to make. … [Continue]

Budgeting Made Easy with Kaiku Prepaid Visa Card

Kaiku Vis Prepaid

Sticking to a budget is one of my weaknesses.  I haven't been able to master the cash only technique because we live in a world of debit/credit.  Cash requires me to go inside to pay for gas.  I know first-world problems.  It only takes a few step to walk inside, but when you have kids in the car it's becomes a hassle. It's the same thing when I … [Continue]

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