Christmas Maze Game – Help Santa

Santa Holiday Craze

This free printable Christmas Maze Game is bound to keep your kids entertained. It's a great way to keep your kids busy.  Especially when you need a few moments to finish something up. … [Continue]

Survive Black Friday Shopping with Shopular

shopular app

We have 10 days until Black Friday - Wow! This month is going by so fast.  I'm thankful that I only have one more week left of the 26 week Christmas Savings Plan. When I'm done with that I'll have my $1001 dollars! I'm scoping the Black Friday ads using my Shopular App listing it out on my Black Friday printable.  I guess you could say I'm ready. If you're not familiar with Shopular, the app shows you the best deals from the retailers.  You can get weekly ads, filter it by the mall your're shopping at and even get notifications of the deals before you even walk into the store. You can also redeem coupons right from your phone. The community is also amazing because they share their own savings tip. … [Continue]

5 Things I Learned at The Buying Summit Vegas

Buying Summit

I recently attended the Buying Summit Vegas event.  The post is a little different from what we normally share.  Since we discuss finance on the blog, I thought you would find it interesting to hear about real estate investing. When it comes to investing, I am afraid of investments. I am as skeptical as them come. I see all of these … [Continue]

10 Ways to Save during the Holidays

10 ways to save

Why does anyone want to put themselves in debt, in order to give?  We should actual look for ways to save during the holidays and give gifts that we can afford and from our hearts.   These 10 ways to save during the holidays are just practical tips that any family can do. … [Continue]

Cool Gift Ideas for Boys – That Will Last All Year

Bicycle wheel lights

I was looking for cool gifts ideas for boys.  With Christmas approaching, I want to buy them useful gifts that will last them all year.  I also wanted to avoid "toy" type gifts because my kids have way too many toys. I've been eliminating the toys in our home. My kids are down to one tote per kid.  The gifts I've chosen are items that would … [Continue]

5 Tips to Prepare for a Debt Free Christmas

Debt Free Christmas

Halloween just ended and in a blink of an eye Christmas will be here before you know it.  To keep your Holiday Stress Free, I’ve got 5 tips to help you to start preparing now! The day after Halloween is when all of the Christmas stock comes out onto the showroom.  You may have already seen some out already, but this is the day they stores … [Continue]

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