11 Life Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids from Watching the Olympics + Printable

Over the past week we’ve had the tv turned to the Olympics.  The previous years we skipped them.  Perhaps because the kids were younger.  But this year I’ve made a diligent effort to watch the games.  Watching them, really sparked some great conversations with my kids.  Then I realized how I could use these games as an opportunity to inspire my kids and teach them some life lessons.

Olympic Lessons

The Olympic athletes are amazing.  Every single one of them.  Amazing.  As a parent you secretly desire that for your kids.  How awesome would that be.  We all know the majority of us will never have  raise an olympic athlete. But if you notice a lot of the characteristics olympics athelets have in common are things we can definitely pass on to our children to help them succeed.

11 Life Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids from Watching the Olympics

  1. Work hard.  – None of these athletes got here by being lazy.  They had to work had and prove themself.
  2. Be confident in everything you do.You have to believe in yourself and know you can get the job done.
  3. Challenge yourself.You’ll never know how far you can go unless you push yourself to go beyond your capabilities.
  4. Sometimes you have to say no to things, in order to say yes to others. –  That means giving up time to hang out with your friends, going to parties, etc. 
  5. Don’t let the world distract you.  Keep focus on your goals.  – It’s easy to be tempted.  Giving into that temptation is what will set you back. 
  6. Everyone is different.Look at them.  Everyone is different, their bodies are different, how strong they are is different.  They aren’t the same in height or weight. So when you desire to be the same as them.  It’s not possible, you can only be you! So be yourself.
  7. Even when you think you’ve lost and want to give up… keep going. – The outcome could change.
  8. No one is perfect. – Even the people who may be the “best” make mistakes.  Giving your best is what matters.
  9. Love your body.  – Michael Phelps had these round marks all over his body.  My first reaction was Woah.. What’s going on with him?  I had to google it to see.  Turns out it was a massage techinque called cupping.  Can you imagine of what his swimming would have looked like if all he focused on was what people thought about how it looked on his body.
  10. Finish what you started.That in itself is a great accomplishment.
  11. Give your glory back to God. Remember to Praise and Thank HIM! 


I love printables!  I made this printable to remind my kids of these life lessons.  This life lessons printable will fit a 5×7 frame. Enjoy.

life lessons word art


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