14 Days to Finding Meaning in the Mundane: Everything is Meaningless

Everything is meaningless.   Those are hard words especially when we are often looking to find meaning in everything we do.

The things I struggle with as a mom is disciplining my children and having a clean home.  I want my discipline to matter to our children.  I want our clean home to reflect how proud I am.  However the repetitiveness of both tasks exhaust me and it seems my efforts are meaningless.

Finding Meaning

A clean home will become messy it’s a way of life.  Just like how the sun rises and the sun sets.  We know it will happen; it’s just a matter of time of when it does.  We often want the house to stay clean but we know in reality it will not.  So why stress over that?  Therefore a clean house is meaningless.

Children are meant to disobey their parents.  They want to test us, see how far they can push us and how much they can get away with.  We do that with our heavenly father each day, so why do we expect that our children will be perfect and never disobey us?  Therefore disciplining our children is meaningless.

I can’t tell you the countless times I cried over spilled kool-aid and yelled at my kids for ruining my perfectly clean floors.  Their carelessness caused them to knock over their drink.  I realized that I’m looking for perfection in what I already taught them, but I never find it because the only thing perfect was their timing. God showed me that all of my efforts and exhaustion was meaningless.  Swallowing that was hard.

Now I’m not saying that we should never clean our house or discipline our children.    What I am saying is that we need to look further and find what the end result is.

When we disciplining our children it will teach them life lessons and mold them into the young men and women they should be.  Looking at the end result of their discipline, is where we can find meaning.

As for a clean home… clean what needs to be clean.  Clean for good health, good smell, and the ability to teach your children how to work and do things in life that they don’t want to do, but it does need to be done.

Ecclesiastes 1:15  What is twisted cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted.

I love this verse and it reminds how we don’t live our lives on a straight road, it’s full of curvy roads.  On the road sometimes we’ll have a smooth ride, other times we may need to avoid objects in our path, take detours or watch out for danger signs.  That’s just a way of life.  We know in the end the road will lead us to our destination.  That’s what we have to do with life.

So I encourage you to look further than today and you’ll eventually find meaning in all you do.

14 Days to Finding Meaning in the Mundane: Introduction


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Gina is an overwhelmed mother of 4 children which includes twins. She often looks for ways to make life a little easier. When she's not chauffeuring her kids to school, cleaning the house or taking her kids to their activities, she finds her sanity though this blog and through social media. Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third.
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