4 Personal Finance Books for Beginners

Understanding finance isn’t easy.  Lately, I’ve been teaching my oldest child about financial education and money management.  All this knowledge can be overwhelming.  Therefore I’ve put together a list of personal finance books that she should definitely check out.

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Growing up I was never really taught good habits about money management.  Therefore I had to self-educate myself and that’s where my love for financial books arisen.

These books were in my collection and I felt they would be awesome books to hand over to my daughter.  Each of these books is different.  Some a bit more complicated than others, but nothing too complicated that she can’t handle. I told her learning about money is like exercise.  You have to find a workout you love.  Otherwise, you’ll hate working out.  It’s just like managing your money.  Some people love simplicity while others want something more challenging and want to account their money down to the penny.


4 Personal Finance Books for Beginners

*Disclosure some of the books I received as a  press release. All opinions given are my own.

1.)  Faith-Based Family Finances – This book gives you everything you need.  From setting goals, creating a budget, getting out of debt to investing.  This is an older book but more in depth for step by step guideline to all of your financial needs.

2.) 6 Week Money Challenge* – This book challenges you to give yourself 6 weeks toward a fit and healthy financial future.  1Week: Learning what God says about money.  Week 2:  Spending.  Week 3:  Reducing Debt  Week 4:  Savings and Investing.  Week 5:  Financial documents.  Week 6:  Review

3.)  The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey shares some great tips to transform they way you look about money.  He’s got simple and easy to understand tips to help you get on track.

4.)  Balancing Act – Wealth Management Straight Talk For Women*.  Stories shared by women about their finances, money personalities and practical tips taken to get their finances on track.

I’ll be anxious to see which method she likes best.  What’s your favorite beginner finance book?  Comment below and share.


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