5 Graduation Party Places you may have overlooked.

Finding a place to have a graduation party or even any party really stinks, especially here in the Las Vegas Valley.  We don’t have very many luxuries outside of a casino to rent party places that don’t charge you a fortune.

Graduation Party Places

My daughter is graduating high school this year and being a penny pincher, I really wanted to do the party at home.  However, our guest list was quite big and we just can’t hold 50 people in our house.

We thought about asking our family and friends that have bigger homes if we could have the party at their place, but it’s a lot to ask of them.  So that had me researching some places that wouldn’t cost me a fortune and it just happened to be at places most people wouldn’t even think to have a graduation party at.

1.)  Mom and Pop Restaurants.   This is a great way to help smaller businesses.  Talk with the owner and see if they will close the restaurant for you to have your party.  If you meet their expected revenue for the evening most owners won’t have a problem catering specially for your party.

2.)  Roller Rink or Go Kart Racing.  Great activity for all ages, plus most have packages that include food and drinks.

3.) Group Camping.  Reserve a spot and give your guest the option to camp with you.  You’ll have plenty of space and lots of activities.  For those guest that aren’t camping, set a designated time for when the food and activities will start.

4.)  Wedding Venues. Many places that hold wedding receptions will also cater to special events too.  Here in Vegas, a lot of our graduation ceremonies happen on the weekdays and since most people don’t marry during the week, this is a great time to negotiate up a deal.

5.)  Rent a Suite at Your Favorite Resort.  This would work great if you are looking for a place to have fun in the sun.  You can set up food and drinks in the room and enjoy the pool at your leisure.

These are just a few fun examples of places you may have overlooked when deciding to have a graduation party.

Comment below and share with me your ideas for graduation party places.

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