5 Ways to Avoid Paying the Overweight Baggage Charges

Every time I travel, I always want to avoid paying the overweight baggage charges.   These fees are outrageous and can really put a damper on your vacation.

5 Ways to Avoid Paying the Overweight Baggage Charges


This is how my packing usually goes.  I get out my suitcase and I start going over in my mind, the outfits I’ll need for the trip.  Once I get my suitcase packed, I try to figure out a way to weigh it.  So I get out my bathroom scale, step on it while holding my suitcase.  Then I step off, step back on and weigh myself and then subtract the difference.

There have been times when my scale was wrong, causing me to pay the Overweight Baggage Charges!  Oh!  Those fees are so frustrating because it would have been cheaper to have checked another bag.  After making that mistake I vowed never to do so again!

Here are 5 Ways to Avoid Paying the Overweight Baggage Charges:

1.)  Check online with your carrier to find the weight limits

2.)  Get a handy Luggage Scale.  These work perfect because you can take them with you and ensure you are within weight limits when you return.  I know I always have more stuff coming back than I do going forward.

3.)  Purchase Lightweight Luggage.  Especially if you travel a lot.

4.)  Pack a Duffle Bag .  I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve been over on weight and opened my suitcase, pulled out the duffle bag and packed a few items in it and used it as a carry-on.  This also works wonders if you are withing weight limits when you depart, but over when you return.  It’s also a great way to save from having to pay for 2 bags when you depart, especially if you know you’ll be returning with lots of souvenirs.

5.)  If you really wanted to check another bag, but didn’t want to have to carry it on.  This one is a bit sneaky, But since you can save I wanted to mention it.  It probably won’t last long either with all of the airport fee constantly changing too.   If you have assigned seating and multiple destinations on your flight, wait to be one of the last people to board.  Overhead Cargo, get filled up really quickly and if you are late boarder you’ll likely have to check your bag.  Most of the flights I’ve been on the flight attendant will ask me if I want to check my carry-on bag until I reach my destination.  I’ll say yes, because not only did I not to have lug my bag myself, I also didn’t have to pay to check it.  If you decide to use this last tip — use it with caution and be prepared to have to lug your luggage if need be.

What are some of the ways you avoid paying the overweight baggage charges?

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