52 Week Savings Challenge – Week 1

I’m so excited to start our 52 Week Savings Challenge.

52 week savings challenge

The first few weeks will be simple and throughout the year the challenge will get harder.  The purpose of the 52 Week Savings Challenge is to discipline yourself into learning how to save and be committed to saving the amount listed for the appropriate week.

Many people are concerned about the amounts toward the end of the year. It get’s harder to save when we are spending so much during the holiday season.  If you are concerned about that too, I have the perfect solution for you.  Do this method in reverse! That way you are putting less in the savings towards the end of the year.  It’s kind of like you are rewarding yourself by paying less, not to mention this would work great as a Christmas fund!

Today you need to deposit a $1.00 into your savings fund!

What can you give up for $1.00 in order to do this?  Here are my 5 tips of finding a $1.00 to spare.

  1. Forgo the fast food restaurant dollar menu
  2. Bypass the vending machine at work
  3. Check the cushions of your couch
  4. Look down at the ground while walking and pick up loose change
  5. Skip Redbox for the week

Plus – I can help you earn your dollar back!!  Check out Grocery Coupon Network and print coupons to take with you the next time you go grocery shopping!
Grocery Coupon Network

What an easy week!  51 more to go!

Check out my other post 5 ways you can take control of your money.

Next week we’ll be adding $2.00 to our savings fund.

Want to see what’s ahead?  Go here to get the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable Form.

 I also want to know if  you put more into your savings or did you just stick to the $1.00?  Did you have to find the money?  If so, what did you do to find the money? Comment below and tell me if you participated in this weeks 52 Week Savings Challenge?

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  1. Jen@jenfullmer.com' Jennifer F says:

    I am doing this!!! actually the hubby and I are both going to do it and see if we both succeed. If we do then we will have a great vacation fund when we combine them!

    • Cheat and start from reverse so you automatically beat him. Haha. I think its Awesome you are both doing this! Keep me updated on your progress. I plan on providing tips each week to help you find the money if things get tight.

      • My son and I have both decided to do this challenge. We are so excited about this! He is going to use his allowance. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  2. I am doing a “jar” for myself, my daughter and one for my parents. My daughter is helping add money to hers right now. The jar for my parents is a surprise for them! Can’t wait to see if we can do it the whole year and not be tempted to dip into it.

  3. I just printed out your chart for each of my children so we can do it too! Yippee! Thanks for the money saving tips.


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