52 Week Savings Challenge {Week 10}

52 Week Savings Challenge Week 10, Welcome back!  If this is your first week on the 52 Week Money Challenge be sure to check out the first post: 52 Week Savings Challenge Week 1 to catch up with us and get started.

52 Week Savings Challenge
This weeks money challenge is to deposit $10.00 into your savings fund.  Making your total month to date $55.00!

Aren’t you excited that you are now seeing your money grow?  10 weeks is a long time… I want to hear from you! Be sure to comment on this post and share your excitement or frustrations with doing this challenge.

Accomplishing this savings challenge should be easy! Are having trouble finding $10.00? Here’s a few ways to find the extra money.

1.)  Wait 24 hours before buying something.  Thinking about the item overnight can make or break the purchase.

2.)  If you’re doing some retail shopping — ask for discounts.  Just ask, the worst they can say is No.

3.)  If you haven’t already done this and you are a Target shopper.  Sign up for Target’s Red Card.  You’ll save 5% off of your purchases and the money is taken out of your account, just like using your debit card.

4.)  Check of my friend Camille’s Chili Cheese Mac Receipe.  Pasta is a great filler and this is relativity an inexpensive dish that should provide left overs.  Stretching one meal into two can definitely help you find the money.

5.)  Consider making your own Health and Beauty products.  My friend Sandra has put together some amazing ways to make your own shampoo, conditioner  bubble bath and more.

And don’t forget to grab some more printable coupons before you head to the store!  That’s simple savings right there to instantly get your money back!

We’ve got 42 more weeks to go on the.. 52 Week Savings Challenge.  Next week we’ll be adding $11.00 toward our savings fund.

Want to see what’s ahead?  View the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable Form.

Did you miss week 9?  Get caught up by reviewing the post:  52 Week Savings Challenge – Week 9 

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  1. Hi Gina! Thank you for sharing my book. 🙂

    I think your suggestion to wait 24 hours before buying is great! This definitely saves us money, because it gives me time to think, reconsider the purchase, and ask myself if we are making a good choice.

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