7 Shopping Tips To Get All The Baby Things You Need For Cheap

Getting all the baby things you need can be very expensive.

You need a  Stroller, Swing and Crib, just to name a few.  All of these are high ticket items too.

When considering the baby things you need, you also want to consider how you can save on these items.

7 Shopping Tips to get all the baby things you need for cheap



When I had my first child, all of the baby things had to be new!  No way was my first born getting used stuff. I was kind of grossed out by used items.  I don’t know why, maybe because thrift stores and hand me downs weren’t something I grew up with.

Our next children my attitude changed.  I couldn’t fathom purchasing two of everything since we were expecting twins and thankfully didn’t have to.  A friend of mine gave me some of her “used” items and to my surprise they were in amazing condition, since then I’ve been hooked on used.

Here are my 7 Shopping tips to get all the baby things you need without spending a lot of money.

  1. Shop Thrift Stores
  2. Shop Craigslist
  3. Shop Ebay
  4. Shop Yard Sales
  5. Shop Resale or Consignment Stores such as Children’s Orchard.
  6. Shop Clearance.  My top 2 Stores are Target and Kohls.
  7. Amazon is another place to get items for cheap.  Just add them to your shopping cart and get notified if the price goes up or down.  Also keep an eye on daily deals too!

What are your shopping tips to get all the baby things you need for cheap?

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