6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry + Giveaway

When I was at Babies “R” Us filling out my baby registry, I contemplated whether or not to purchase a video monitor or just pick up a regular baby monitor.  I decided not to, but after getting a video monitor it totally changed my mind.

6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry

Here are 6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry.

1.)  You don’t have to walk into the baby’s room – because you know once the baby sees you, your doomed.  You might as well pick your baby up.

2.)  You can see your child breathing. Sometimes I get uncomfortable at night and worry about my child breathing, now I can watch from the video monitor to see thier chest rising. 6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry

3.)  You get to see if the baby is really awake or faking just to get your attention.

4.) This will come in handy for climbing toddlers who try to climb out of their crib during nap and bedtime.

6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry

5.)  Knowing your child isn’t hurting, makes it easy for you when you are trying to teach your baby to self soothe.

6.)  If you have stairs, this is a must! You can take the monitor with you and save yourself time from having to walk up and down the stairs.

6 Reasons Why a Baby Video Monitor Should Be on Every Baby Registry


Having a baby video monitor is convenient and takes the worrisome us mothers have and puts us at ease.

Right now, until 9/13/14  Babies “R” Us is hosting The Great Giveaway.  If you spend $200 or more you can get a FREE Motorola Color Video Montior, MPB421.  That’s such a great deal especially if your planning on purchasing higher priced items such as car seats, cribs and more.

Disclosure:  Babies “R” Us provided me with a Motorola Color Video Monitor and is graciously agreed to host a giveaway for one lucky MomsLifeboat.Com reader to win their very own Motorola Color Video Monitor.

Here’s how to enter:

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Good Luck! 

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  1. I love that I can see what is going on without opening the door and possibly waking him up.

  2. ariannemarie1@yahoo.com' arianne de la torre says:

    I am a SAHM of 3. I have a 4 year old girl, soon to be 2 year old girl on the 14th, and a 3 mos baby boy. I’m suffering from a little thing called” mommy thumb” very painful and makes my already overwhelming world allot harder. To be able to see my lil one sleeping or resting peacefully & safely will allow me to conquer the tasks that are ahead. This will allow for more rest on my painful thumbs and wrist & in turn will allow for healing this making me a super mommy again. Thank you for this post!

    Ps. Wednesday I see an orthopedic regarding my thumbs and wrist. Praying I dont need surgery as I wont be able to carry baby & or breastfeed 🙁 pls pray with me. Thank you!

    Love you!

  3. bethelderton59@gmail.com' Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This would be a great gift! Hr new baby sleeps well (so far) but her 4 YO brother is something else 🙂 This mom could use some help keeping her eye on both.

  4. Good points! Some never occurred to me.

  5. puttputt57849@aol.com' vanessa richard says:

    it would make a great gift for my brother who is expecting his first child and they are going to have the nerve and tweaks of being new parents so this would allow them to check on their little boy

  6. This motorola video monitor would make my life easier in so many ways.
    Right now we have to keep peeking in on her and it’s driving me crazy. I am a worry wart and worry about her breathing, to be able to see her would be a life saver, haha

  7. mami2jcn@gmail.com' Mary Happymommy says:

    We have a first floor master and the kids’ bedrooms are upstairs. I sleep upstairs just to be close to the kids, while my husband stays in the downstairs master. A video monitor would help our marriage! I would have peace of mind if I could see that our daughter is fine while I am downstairs.

  8. Due with my first and really would like a monitor.

  9. holliister@gmail.com' Colleen Boudreau says:

    It wouldn’t make my life easier because I would give it to my good friend who just had her second baby recently.

  10. It would be great to see my daughter. I only have a voice monitor right now.

  11. I would not have to run up the stairs constantly to see if the baby is crying.

  12. love the added protection this will give us. thankyou, ken

  13. Our master bedroom is on the main floor and our other bedrooms are on the second floor, so this will help out a lot with our children.

  14. I would love one so that when I hear a noise I can just look in the baby’s monitor to check on her without having to get out of bed at night.

  15. aerojenn@aol.com' jenn mcclearn says:

    my daughter’s room is upstairs and mine is downstairs I would love a high quality video monitor to keep an eye on her 🙂

  16. stephaniejbenedetti@gmail.com' Stephanie B says:

    Having the video monitor mobile, so I don’t have to haul up the stairs, would be a huge reward!


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