Why Some Projects Aren’t Worth Your Time!

Sometimes as much as I love something or want to save money and repurpose an item.  There comes a time when I say to myself.  Don’t waste your time!  Just get rid of it!

I recently helped a friend reupholster her coffee table.  That project was amazing and totally worth it.

But then she asked me if I could help her reupholster a chair.  My mind instantly went to NO!

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Embarrassed By Your Furniture? Here’s What to Do!

Recently a friend of mine was getting ready for her in-laws to arrive.  While she was tidying up her house everything looked good but her focus went straight to her furniture. She was embarrassed by her furniture! She didn’t want her in-laws to see her torn up furniture.

cheap furniture transformations

My friend called a few places looking for someone to recover this table.  But hearing the prices and lack of follow through from these companies was nerve racking and she contacted me for help.

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No Sew Placemats Using Burlap Material

I jut got finished repurposing my dining room set.  Now that’s all done, I wanted to make some cute no sew placemats.  Our dining room set now has a shabby chic look.  I wanted to add some table decor and the first thing that came to mind was burlap material.

no sew placemats burlap material

No Sew Placemats

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25 Already Made Easter Baskets Your Kids will Love!

Easter is just around the corner.  I know some of you feel like you are running out of time and/or  dread putting together an Easter Basket for your kids.  Well if so, I’ve listed 25 Already Made Easter Baskets that your kids will just love.

25 Easter Basket Ideas

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Repurposed Lamps – Creating Designer Inspired Lamps on a Budget

Repurposed lamps are a great way to save money and still get the look you were hoping for. By doing this and saving a few dollars can make all the difference in the world.  Over the past few months of transforming our home. We were able to splurge on some items, because we saved here and there.  We splurged on higher priced items such as furniture, but for accessories we’ve repurposed a lot of items.

repurposed lamps

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Burnt Pallet Sign – Friends Become Our Chosen Family

I love Pallet Signs.  Making them yourself is pretty easy too.  With a few nails and paint you can really transform those old pallets.  First, let me just say, don’t focus on getting the best pallet.  Sometimes the crappier ones end up being the coolest to use.  Especially if you are going for the burnt pallet sign look.

DIY Pallet Ideas

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