The Bible Is Black and White – Stop Trying to Make It Gray

The Bible is black and white. However, so many people try and see Gray! I hate to be the one to tell you….. There is no gray! It’s the same Bible that it has always been and it will never change. Stop looking for Gray!!! It cannot and will NEVER exist.

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I Quit My Job to Be a Stay at Home Mom During the Recession – What was I thinking?!

It’s almost been 7 years since I made the decision to quit my full time job to become a stay at home mom.  During the Recession.. What was I thinking?!

If your new to my website let me give you a quick back story of our lives back then.  2009 was a rough time, my company did some reorganization structures which lead me into a different position in the company that I despised. My shift was terrible, but overall I was still thankful that I still held a job in these economic times.

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11 Life Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids from Watching the Olympics + Printable

Over the past week we’ve had the tv turned to the Olympics.  The previous years we skipped them.  Perhaps because the kids were younger.  But this year I’ve made a diligent effort to watch the games.  Watching them, really sparked some great conversations with my kids.  Then I realized how I could use these games as an opportunity to inspire my kids and teach them some life lessons.

Olympic Lessons

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Why I got rid of my wardrobe

Every time I walked into my closet and I stood there looking at all of my clothes in disgust.  So many clothes and nothing to wear.  I have daily overweight meltdowns.  (I know I’ve gained weight… My clothes prove it to me everyday) Walking into my closet wasn’t any fun.  It was the start I needed to get rid of my wardrobe.

And let me just say… getting rid of my wardrobe was the best thing I’ve done in years.  It gave me motivation to start looking more at my appearance and the drive to look my best.

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5 Sacrifices Moms Should Stop Making

From 1994-2012 I feel like I made all the sacrifices in our family. I worked full time, part time, adjusted my schedule around my husbands, turned down job opportunities because they didn’t fit within our family’s schedule. Lost friends because I had no time to spend with them. I even quit my job to be a stay at home mom, because that ended up being the best for our family. That’s what moms’ do right? We sacrifice everything we want because we love our family.



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Church vs Sports and Why We Chose Sports

Church vs Sports.  When your schedules just don’t mix.  Which one do you choose?

church vs sports

In the summer we enrolled our kids for Wednesday night Awana.  Which happens to run during our school year.  For those of you who don’t know what Awana is, just think of the Boy/Girl Scouts, but Christian based. The kids learn bible verses, etc and earn awards, jewels and so on.

In the fall we decided to enroll all of our boys in baseball.  Fall ball for us starts Sept/Oct and runs for about 12 weeks.  Normally we swap and let the twins play during the spring and our youngest son play during the fall. We were optimistic having all 3 boys playing.  It shouldn’t be too bad right?

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