Freezer Cooking: Part 3 ~ Seven Necessary Freezer Cooking Steps

Freezer Cooking

Welcome back to Part 3 –Seven Necessary Freezer Cooking Steps. If you are just now joining in on this series, be sure to check out Part 1 – The Benefits of Freezer Cooking and Part 2 – Different Methods of Freezer Cooking.

In order to get started with Freezer Cooking there are a few necessities you will want to do before you get started.

Step One:  Organize your pantry.  This is important because you need to know what you have on hand and how much you’ll need to purchase to get started.

Step Two:  Stock up on Freezer Storage Supplies which include:

  • Freezer Bags, Gallon and Pint size
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Wax Paper
  • Drinking Straw
  • Sharpie
  • Optional:  Freezer Containers, Aluminum Trays.  – These tend to take up more space in your freezer.  I would only recommend using them if you have the space.

If you have a foodsaver and the bags, those work wonderful, however can be pricey.  I’ll be showing you the cheaper way around that, but still an effective method.

Step Three:  Think of all of the appliances you have and can use.  Examples are items, such as Crockpot, Rice Cooker, Grill, etc.  This can help you cook more items at once and get done quicker.  When planning your menu, be sure to include those recipes.

Step Four:  Choose a Freezer Cooking Day

Step Five:  Make a list of the recipes you want to freeze.  If you are trying a new recipe, make sure to cook one ahead of time to ensure your family likes it.  This way you aren’t making a weeks worth of food your family will not eat.

Step Six:  Make your shopping list and shop ahead of time.  You don’t want to shop and cook on the same day.  You’ll be exhausted before you even get started

Step Seven:  Have Fun!!

Join me tomorrow where I’ll conclude this series with Part 4 – Stuff Every Freezer Cook should know.


Freezer Cooking: Part 2 ~ Different Methods of Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking

freezer cooking

 Freezer Cooking

Welcome back!  If you are just now joining us on this series, be sure to visit Part 1 – The Benefits of Freezer Cooking

Today I wanted to share with you the different methods of freezer cooking.  Here are some of the most common methods:

  1.  Once a Month Cooking – This is where you take an entire day or two and you cook for an entire month.
  2.   Bulk Cooking – This is where you do mini sessions, throughout the month .
  3.   Multiple Meal cooking – This is where you cook daily, but you make more than one meal.  You’ll eat one then freeze the others.
  4.   Freezing Leftovers –  This is when you take  leftovers and freeze them into another meal, a single meal or to add on to a future meal.

Which method is best?  Well that all depends on you.  Depending on your schedule the once a month cooking may work best for you.  Others may want to double or triple their meals so the multiple meal option may be better for them.

I started off with the once a month cooking and for me it’s exhausting, especially doing it by myself.  Once the weekend was over, I was thrilled and the benefits paid off when we got to enjoy all of the meals I made.

You can set an hour a day to get your freezer cooking done.  You can save on time and cooking by getting  a few friends involved and do the multiple meal cooking method.   Where 5  of your friends each makes 5 of the same meals.  Then Swap.  You instantly have 5 different meals.  Like I said choose the method that will work for you and your schedule.

Before we move on to part 3 – I want to make sure that each of you understand with freezer cooking you still have to “cook” the meal.  When you pull it from your freezer some of the recipes will require you to defrost them and all of the require you to “cook” them.  What you are saving on is the preparation time and clean up time.

Still interested?  Join me tomorrow where I show you the Necessary Freezer Cooking Essentials.

Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking ~ The Benefits of Freezer Cooking


This week’s 4 part series is going to be on Freezer Cooking!

This is something that I did for my family when I worked full time.  My husband and I were on opposite schedules, he would often be exhausted after picking the kids up from daycare that he’d stop and pick up fast food on the way home.

As a working Mom, I felt guilty.  I didn’t want my family eating out every night therefore, I incorporated freezer cooking in our lives.  I would spend one  entire weekend cooking up 30 different meals and all my husband had to do was come home and heat it up.

Now as a stay at home mom, I haven’t really done much freezer cooking, however I plan on getting back into the habit, this way on those nights full of activities or just the lazy I don’t want to cook days, I’ll have something in my freezer.

Let’s get started shall we?

Some of you may not be familiar with freezer cooking.  Freezer cooking is about making your life easier.  You’re preparing meals ahead of time, such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes and other ingredients you can use to make a meal.  It’s to help you save time in your kitchen and alleviate stressful evenings, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Picture this – Mom, what’s for dinner?  You reply, I don’t know.  Mom, I’m hungry!   You reply, I know sweetie, mommy will start cooking soon.  The clocks ticking away and you realize anything you make will take about an hour or so, exhausted you decide to call in for Pizza instead.  – Sound familiar?

Now imagine this instead… Mom, what’s for dinner?  You reply, (opening your freezer seeing all of these prepared meals) and you list……  Whatever you decide is just a heat up away.

Aren’t you excited?  If so, be sure to join me tomorrow and I’ll show you the different methods of Freezer Cooking.

Back to School Lunch Tips

Last year, I asked my readers to share with me tips on making back to school lunches easier.
The tips I received were:

  • Cutting their sandwiches into shapes
  • Save time by making their lunch the night before.
  • Freezing a water bottle, instead of sending an ice pack.  Water will stay cold and keep lunch cold.
  • Pre-making sandwiches using 6 pack dinner rolls, cutting them and freezing left overs, put frozen ones in lunch box, defrosted by lunch time.  (You can use regular bread too, but it takes longer to defrost)
  • Buy a 6 pack of Gatorade bottles, reuse bottles.  Send kids with juice, koolaid etc.
  • Heat soups or pasta in the morning, will be lukewarm by lunch time
  • Fruit and Veggies along with dip make great sides in lieu of chips
  • PBJ in a tortilla.  (Add apples slices for more fun)
  • Make a list of all the items you’ve made lunch with, this way on those days that you can’t figure out what to make, you’ll have your list to refer to.
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Get a large flour tortilla, stuff it will all your goodies and roll it.  Cut into slices.  An easy way to make multiple lunches.
  • Often times my kids come home with a good bit of their lunch.  I started feeding them a hearty breakfast and sending quick things for them to eat at lunch.  Cheese slices, crackers, ham slices (kind of like your own homemade lunchable.) Fruits and Veggies.
  • Hot dogs or Corn Dogs heated and wrapped in foil before leaving for school

One of the things I purchased was an insulated food container, like this:

This made my life so much easier, because I would open up a can soup or pasta, heat it up and it would stay warm for the kids for lunch time and the best part of it there was no fuss involved.  One of the things I did have difficulty with is giving them enough to drink.  My kids always seemed so thirsty.  I’m still working on what works best for quenching their thirst.

Do you have any other ideas I may not have mentioned?  If so, please share, I’ll be sharing more suggestions!

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