Gardening Mishaps in Las Vegas

If you are trying to grown your own vegetables in Las Vegas, let me tell you that it DOES require some work.  Especially if you are inexperienced, which is what I am.  Last year, was the first year I tried gardening.  Oh boy, let me just tell you all the things I did wrong!!

Mistake 1:  I ordered a compost mix and super packed it in my planter box… (Who knew roots couldn’t spread out in hard packed soil, Oh wait.. duh I already have that type of soil in my ground, that’s why I bought the compost and built the planter box.  I guess I thought Compact “good” dirt was better.) 

Mistake 2:  I didn’t have enough nutrients in my soil.  (Who knew the dirt needed nutrients, dirt is dirt right?  And this black dirt looked a lot better than my greyish clay dirt)

Mistake 3:  I planted my vegetables the beginning of May.. which is way too late!! (You’re probably saying…Isn’t that when most people plant?  Yes, if you don’t live in our desert!)  Due to our high temp desert sun our growing season isn’t long enough you have to plant early otherwise your hard work could end up like mine with a few tomatoes for one or two salads.

Mistake 4:  For Fall Seaon, I planted way too late, not giving them enough of a growing season.  I did however manage to keep 2 tomato plants alive from the summer that when the tempatures dropped into the cooler weather I was blessed with a bunch of tomatoes.  However, the other ones I planted got killed with the first frost.  I was pretty upset, because the cold weather was only a few days, but I couldn’t get the plants warm enough and the frost won.

I would have given up, had I not gotten all those wonderful tomatoes in the fall.  Now I’m off to Season 2…

All gardeners say.. they gained experience from their mistakes.. Let’s hope it’s true! 

MomsLifeboat ~ Las Vegas, NV
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