Black Friday Guide – Get Organized with this Printable List

This week is going to be overwhelming and with Thanksgiving approaching and all of the deals you’ll be wanting to take advantage so I made this Black Friday guide to help you get organized.

You can print this Black Friday Guide for Free!

Black Friday Guide

In this Black Friday Guide, you can add your shopping list as well as plan the stores you may want to hit during the week.  Some of the deals may happen on Brown Thursday or Cyber Monday and should help with getting the tasks you want done during the week.

Do you have your own Black Friday Guide you use?  How do you stay organized?

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Get Organized this Holiday ~ Free Holiday Printables

Free Holiday Printables

Free Holiday Printables

The holiday season is really stressful for me.  I can’t seem to enjoy myself until Christmas day and by then it’s all over!

Each year I stress over the same things… decorating, buying presents, shopping for the dinner, making dinner and wrapping gifts.  I tend to tackle this all and overload myself with stress!  We’ll this year I’m saying No to the Holiday Stress!

I’ve created several holiday printables to get organized.  I want to make I’m ready for the holiday by the first week of December.  I plan to have all of my shopping done, my gifts wrapped and my decorations up and be able to celebrate this wonderful season.

Do you feel like that too?  If so, join me on this journey this holiday season for a stress free holiday.

I’ll be sharing tips throughout the week to help you stay on track and get through the holiday as stress free as  possible.

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Free Holiday Printables

  • Holiday Card List
  • Holiday Gift Organizer
  • Holiday Cleaning Schedule
  • Holiday Menu Planner
  • Calendar
  • Black Friday Shopping Guide
  • Holiday Planning Guide
  • Decorating Checklist

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Free Printable Commission Chore Chart and Help Wanted Tabs

We started using a commission chore chart instead of giving our kids an allowance. The allowance didn’t work for us. They would lose interest in repetitive chores, plus our kids would argue on why they have to do this, while the other has to do that. Rather than changing the charts and trying to figure out who does what.  I created these Help Wanted Tabs to go along with our Commission Chore Chart.

Commission Chore Chart

Each kid get their own Commission Chore Chart.  Then they get to choose which chores they want to do. When they are are we fill out their Commission Chore Chart this way we can keep track of which chore is done and how much each child earns.

This is great motivational tool for our kids and it teaches our children how they have to work to buy things and work isn’t always easy.

Right now they are saving up for Christmas and Birthday presents.

Here’s how we break it down:

1.)  The kids have daily chores they need to do to contribute as a part of this family.  Such as making their beds, picking up, doing dishes and so on..  They do not get paid for this.  If they don’t do these items they have consequences they need to face such as losing privileges, extra chores, etc..

2.)  Help Wanted Tabs.  These consists of things that need to be done, but are not things that have to be done daily such as picking up weeds in the yard, washing the car or picking up dog poop.  It’s an incentive for the kids to choose whether they want to work or not.  If they want to work they get paid.  If they don’t want to do any of these “jobs” they don’t get paid.  It’s simple and It’s their choice.  No more fighting about paying them for a job they didn’t do.  Now If more than one child wants to do the chore, they are required to work together and split the pay.

Secretly… we keep the Commission Chore Chart all together that way they compete with each other.  The kids don’t like how one is earning more money than the other.  Plus this works better for me because on those weeks that I might low on funds, I can control how much and if I want to pay out any commissions.

Do your kids get an allowance/commission?  If so I’d love to hear how you manage this!

Want to print your very own?

Free Printable Commission Chore Chart

Free Printable Help Wanted Tabs for Commission Chore Chart



Spring into Clean Tip No.2

Now that we have tip No. 1 Our Walls/Baseboards Cleaned, we’ll move into tip No.2. Cleaning our Drapery, Windows and Blinds

If you’re drapes are not washable, taking draperies to the dry cleaners can cost a fortune.  This is what I do, to keep my draperies clean and fresh.  I’ll take the hose/attachment  to my vacuum cleaner and vacuum all of the dirt off.  Then I’ll take my clothes steamer add water and 1/4 cup of vinegar.  Then I’ll steam the curtains.  This will give a clean fresh scents to them.  Also, don’t forget to clean the curtain rings as well.  If they are really dirty you’ll want to take them off and give them a good scrubbing too.

Make window cleaning easy buy using a squeegee.  For about $2-3 bucks you can pick one up at your local superstore.  Use a bucket and soap and water (Only us a tsp of dish soap to your bucket) and give you’re windows a quick clean.  Make sure you wipe the squeegee every time after each run of the window.  Then take a paper towel or lint free cloth and get all the remnant water.  Later when you realize that you can’t live without a squeegee and can find it within your budget you may want to invest in a higher quality squeegee with a pole, but for now I wouldn’t bother.

Now for the blinds, if you have an old pair of cloth gloves this would work best, however you can use and old sock too.  Just grab a bowl of distilled vinegar, dip your the tip of your fingers in the vinegar and run your fingers against both sides of the slats, then repeat.  Be sure to rinse and wring your glove/sock to get the dust/dirt off.  Then dip it back into the vinegar and continue until you’ve done all the slats.   Make sure you don’t saturate your blinds, damp  is fine.

With these simple tips, you’ve now cleaned your drapes, windows and blinds.  Make sure to check back next week for tip No.3.

Do you have any quick tips for cleaning your drapes, windows or blinds?

Spring into Clean Tip No.1

Spring cleaning can be a hideous chore.  However, a clean house in the end is always worth the wild.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some tips and help guide you into Spring Cleaning.

Tip No 1.  Clean your Walls/Baseboards

Most people don’t realize how dusty their walls get and most of us don’t even think about cleaning the walls unless we are painting.

I used to clean my walls with a rag, until I smartened up and bought something with a handle.

All you need is something like this:

and a mop bucket.  Add soap and water and easily wipe down your walls.   I’ve used a swiffer’s mop too and just attached a wet rag to it, using something with a handle makes it quick and easy.

This is really one of the first things you want to do.  Make sure you do not saturate your walls, all they need is a quick wipe down.  Clean walls will get you motivated into cleaning the rest of the room.  If the mop you are using has a scrubber top, use that to scrub your baseboards and that’s it!! Check back next week for Tip No.2.

How do you make Spring Cleaning simple?

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