Lowes Build and Grow Clinic – Planes

Have you been looking for a quick and fun event to do with your kids on the weekend?

Be sure to check out Lowes Build and Grow Clinics.

lowes build and grow planes

Every other week Lowes holds their build and grow clinic for the kids.  The event is free and the kids love it.

It’s a great way to get out of the house and do something with your kids, without it costing you a dime.  If you’re a first timer, Lowes will give your child an apron and safety goggles. Most of the projects take about 30 minutes to complete and upon completion the kids earn patches.  Not to mention all the skills they learn while putting these kits together.

This is not a sponsored post for Lowe’s .  It’s just something I do with my kids that’s free, fun and gets them out of the house.  

Be sure to register for the upcoming events, since they fill up pretty fast and comment below and tell me if you’ve taken your kids to Lowes Build and Grow.


Cafe Zupas Las Vegas Review

Cafe Zupas just opened their 2nd location in Las Vegas.  I had the pleasure of attending their VIP event and fell in love with the restaurant.

Cafe Zupas Las Vegas

When I dine out, I love casual dining restaurants,  friendly places can take my kids, good fast food, and great service. Cafe Zupas met all of that.

Cafe Zupas specializes in House-Made soups, salads and sandwiches using fresh and exotic ingredients in a fast-casual setting. Opening its doors in 2004, there are now restaurants in Utah, Nevada, & Arizona with other states to follow soon. Café Zupas has won 18 Best-of-State awards over seven consecutive years.

Their menu offers ten house-made soups, twelve exotic salads, six panini’s, and seven gourmet sandwiches. In addition, the Cafe Zupas Drink Bar offers sixteen different types of fountain drinks with Free Italian Soda flavorings. Add to that the soup mix-ins and hot sauces, the 58 ingredients for the “Create Your Own Salad” and the weekly specials, and the options become practically limitless. We finish every meal with our signature Belgian chocolate-dipped strawberry. Additionally, there is a fabulous dessert menu featuring Créme Brûleés, Dessert Bars, Cakes, and seasonal specialties.

With all those items to choose from, I was in the mood for Asian inspired food, so I selected the Asian BBQ Pork Sandwich along with the Thai Mango Chicken Salad.

Cafe Zupas Las Vegas

My youngest son ate off of the kids menu and got chicken strips and a fruit cup.

and for dessert we chose the Rocky Road Brownie.  See my at home Rocky Road Brownie version.

Cafe Zupas Las Vegas

along with their signature chocolate cover strawberries.

Cafe Zupas Las Vegas

Everything was scrumptious!

The menu was very reasonable for $7.99 you can order from their try 2 menu.

Another thing I really love about Cafe Zupas is the store has Wifi and a recharging station. It’s a great place to have your next meeting at, especially if you need Wifi.

So the next time you are looking for a place to eat out in Las Vegas.  Be sure to consider Cafe Zupas! 

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