10 Free Mother and Son Activity Ideas

Looking for free mother and son activity ideas?  We’ll you’ve come to the right place.  I have 3 boys that I love to take out and do activities with.  However we don’t always have the funds to do that.  When we do have the funds, to be honest my husband and I take advantage of date night instead.  That left me with looking for ways to have a mother and son activities without costing me money.

Mother and Son Activity Ideas

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5 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Deal with Life When Life Isn’t Fair

My boys {aka the twins} baseball season just ended.  Their coach nominated them to try out for the leagues All Stars baseball team. Out of 110 kids only 20 kids were invited to try out.   Out of the 20 trying out, only 13 kids would be selected.  Knowing those odds that 7 kids would not make it I wanted to prepare my boys and let them know that one, both or none of them could be picked.  If they didn’t make the All Stars team it was OK and they should be proud just to have been nominated.

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Ergobaby, Liz Lange Maxi Dress Gifts From Baby Bloggy Boot Camp

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Baby Bloggy Boot Camp and the experience was one of a kind.  Most of you don’t know me as I’ve been behind the scenes on Momslifeboat.Com but since I’m expecting my third child and Gina isn’t having any more babies, we wanted to start introducing more baby products on the site.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Baby Bloggy Boot Camp

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5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

How to spend quality time with your child.  You don’t have to do much or even spend a lot of money to spend quality time with your child.  Just spending time with them is important.  I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to spend quality time with your child.

Spend Quality Time With Your Child

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Intimidating Doctors, Mothers Intuition and God’s Grace – How I Almost Killed My Daughter

16 years ago my life changed. As a young inexperienced first time mother, I almost killed my daughter and not a day goes by that I don’t feel blessed that God had a hand on our lives.

The week before my daughters 3rd birthday, I noticed that she wasn’t feeling well. She had no energy and just laid around all of the time. She always seemed to get sick around the holidays and I thought maybe she had the flu. With her 3rd birthday being the next day, I decided to take her into the urgent care pediatrician – in hopes that he could give her some medicine to make her feel better. I didn’t want her to miss her birthday party, but never in my mind could I imagine what was about to happen.


But before I go on with the story, let me give you a quick back story and tell you that doctors intimidate me. I’m not intimated by many people, but for some reason doctors intimidated me. Perhaps it was their years of schooling, their white coats or my lack of understanding of medical terms, whatever it was – I always took them at their word and had I not questioned this doctor, it’s possible that my daughter would be dead now.

I believe the doctor didn’t know what was wrong with my daughter. So he lied to me, told me she had an ear infection and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin. I believe he choose to tell me she had an ear infection because it was not something I could see visibly. I thought it was strange that she had an ear infection, since she hadn’t been tugging at her ear and I couldn’t grasp why that make her so tired? Something just didn’t seem right, I guess you can say my mother’s intuition kicked in. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and started questioning the doctor. I can’t recall all of the questions I had asked, except for one. “Was it normal for her to be this yellow?” Then he replied with, “That’s not her natural color?” I said no and I guess something triggered in him to make him want to do some more research and told us we needed to get a blood test.

It was a Saturday and all of the labs were closed, except for the adult urgent care, which was the office next to his.  He told me to go over there and get her blood drawn, but they didn’t want to do it. I explained the situation, had them call the doctor and they finally agreed to draw her labs and I’m so thankful that they did. By the time we got home, we received a phone call telling us that we needed to go to emergency room right away and the on call pediatrician would be waiting for us.

We got to the emergency room and waited and waited and waited. There was no doctor to meet us and while we were waiting our daughter seemed like she was feeling better.  We had been going about this for over 6 hours and were exhausted.  Her birthday was in an hour and since I had scheduled an appointment for Tuesday with her pediatrician, we decided to leave the ER and go home. We told the front desk, but she didn’t seem to care, scratched our name off the list as we left.  I had no idea her situation was life threatening when we left.

I don’t know who God had checking up on us, but someone did.  We started getting calls at 12:30 am from the emergency room nurse asking us where we were at. This nurse tried to convince us over the phone to come back. I told her no and if this was so important, why didn’t they seen us right away. She gave a gazillion reasons, but I wasn’t listening. I’m freaked out now, in tears, not sure what to do, praying about the situation, asking God for clarification and that’s when I received a phone call from a doctor telling us we needed to come in. I thought to myself, if this doctor is taking time to call us, it must be serious, but I was still hesitant to return. I can remember him telling me that he understood if I didn’t want to go back to that ER, but I needed to take her to an ER tonight. He also promised that if I came back, they would see us right away, so we did.


As soon as we returned to the ER, they admitted her right away. While they were admitting her, I asked the doctor if she had an ear infection and he said no. What I didn’t know, was that blood test showed she had leukemic cells and she needed a blood transfusion right away because her hemoglobin level (which is basically the cells that carries oxygen from the lungs) was at a 2. The normal level for a child her age would be in the range of 11-13.  That’s why it was so important for us to get bring her in.  Had we not returned she probably wouldn’t have made it through the night.  Later she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  At the time I thought what a way to celebrate her birthday. But needless did I know – that it was indeed a celebration.

There were so many things that went wrong that night.  I didn’t see it at the time but God showed us grace through so many people. From the lab agreeing to the test, the person who was checking on our ER status, the nurse who called us, the doctor who called us and I’m sure even more people that I’m not aware of.  I’m so thankful that I can share my story and I’m thankful that God didn’t let this dumb 24 year old mom be afraid to question a doctor and let her pride get in the way of returning.  Most of all  I’m thankful that God healed my child and we are able to celebrate her 19th birthday today.



NickMoms Inspired Thanksgiving Story ~ Viet-na-Stuffing


I’m that mom who watches Nickelodeon and happens to go online to Nickmoms.com  to read all of the #motherfunny stories.  With 4 kids, I need to laugh and some of the Thanksgiving stories had me laughing so much, that I had to create one of my own and share my mishap.

My Thanksgiving dinners are full of memories.  Bad cooks, arguments, laughter and telling prior years mishaps, happens to be the best of them all.  Like the year I made my kids eat Viet-na-Stuffing.


This is my mom, she is full Vietnamese.  Isn’t she so sweet?  I love her to death and she is an amazing cook, well… when it comes to Vietnamese food.  As for American food, we’ll she’s, I shouldn’t say a bad cook, because sometimes her creations are wonderful – Chinese BBQ sauce on steak, actually tastes good and is one of my favorite dishes she makes. 

Nickelodeon NickMom #Shop

My dad on the other hand is full Italian.  One thing about Italians is they love their gravy, which for you non Italians, actually means marinara sauce.  My great-great grandmother’s recipe is amazing!  I’m so glad my grandmother passed down her grandmothers gravy recipe to my mother, who well… should stick to recipe.  Every now and then my mother decides to experiment, one time she added pigs feet and asparagus to the gravy.  I couldn’t get passed these little piggies finding their way into my gravy to even try the altered recipe.

However the year my mom experimented with our Thanksgiving day stuffing happens to be the best of them all.

Nickelodeon NickMom #Shop

Traditional stuffing in our house is onions, celery, chicken broth and stuffing.  My mother actually makes really good stuffing.  But this year I don’t know what got into her, I guess she just wanted to add a little bit of her heritage into the stuffing.

She started off making our traditional stuffing and then added clear noodles and chestnuts, which I’ve named viet-na-stuffing.

Nickelodeon NickMom #Shop

We sat down, said grace and served the kids first.  I added all the wonderful fixin’s like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, all over their plates.  I never even noticed anything was different with the stuffing.

Busy helping getting everyone served,  one of the kids said, “Mom something is wrong with the stuffing.” I immediately took it as they were being picky. “Just eat it!” I said, “But Mom!  It looks nasty!”  I replied with “No it doesn’t, stop fussing and eat it!”

Nickelodeon NickMom #Shop

Then as I sat down, my husband turns to me and says,”Hey hun, what did your mom do to the stuffing?”  I grabbed a fork full of stuffing and all the sudden noticed these clear rice noodles hanging out of the stuffing and looked a little further and saw this black roundish item.  I looked at my mom and said what is that?  Before she could reply with it being a chestnut, one of the kids yells out, it looks like a cockroach.  The other kids yells out, we’ve got worms too!

I couldn’t stop laughing, as I tried to say with a straight face to hush.  We don’t talk that way, when grandma worked so hard to put this wonderful meal together.  I said it can’t be that bad, and shoved my forkful of stuffing in my mouth and took one bite and nearly gagged!   The stuffing was so dry!  It was as if the noodles has sucked every last bit of juiciness out of the stuffing.  I think had they been real worms and cockroaches it would have been more flavorful.

That Thanksgiving goes down as the Thanksgiving I made the kids eat “worms” and “cockroaches” and each year since we’ve slowly peeked inside the stuffing to make sure nothing’s coming out of it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to comment below and share with me your funniest Thanksgiving story and if you need to laugh some more visit  Nickelodeon, Nickmoms.com


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