Paying my kids by commission instead of an allowance

Do you give your children an allowance?  We’ve tried doing this in the past.  We created chore charts along with assigning an amount for each chore.  Only to find that we would argue with the kids that they didn’t do this item to get paid and that they cannot be selective on the chores ans still request to be paid.  It wasn’t worth the fight so we stopped paying an allowance.

We’ll my kids have been wanting to earn money around the house in hopes to buy a Nintendo 3DS and it got me thinking, Do I really want to go back to the chore charts and have to fight them on what they didn’t do?  So instead I decided to divide things up a bit by keeping their daily chores and pay other duties on commission instead.

Here’s how we break it down:

1.)  The kids have daily chores they need to do to contribute as a part of this family.  Such as making their beds, picking up, doing dishes and so on..  They do not get paid for this.  If they don’t do these items they have consequences they need to face such as losing privileges, extra chores, etc..

2.)  The Job Board!!  My new favorite thing!  The Job Board consists of things that need to be done, but are not things that have to be done daily such as picking up weeds in the yard, washing the car or picking up dog poop.  it’s an incentive for the kids to choose whether they want to work or not.  If they want to work they get paid.  If they don’t want to do any of these “jobs” they don’t get paid.  It’s simple and It’s their choice.  No more fighting about paying them for a job they didn’t do.  Now If more than one child wants to do the chore, they are required to work together and split the pay.

Plus!! This works better for me because on those weeks that I might low on funds, I can control how much and if I want to pay out any commissions.

Do your kids get an allowance/commission?  If so I’d love to hear how you manage this!

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