Printable Cash Envelopes – Great Way to Stay on Budget

Printable Cash Envelopes are a great way to stay on budget.  I haven’t used them for quite a while and getting back on a budget is one of the top things on my list this year.


Printable Cash Envelopes


Dave Ramsey swears by using cash and in his kit he includes cash envelopes.  That’s how we came to use this method.   We went through ours and instead of buying new ones I decided it would be best to create and print our own.  Especially since we use our cash envelopes for so many different things such as groceries, gas, clothing and so on.

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5 Reasons Why Walmart Family Mobile is the Best Wireless Plan

Looking for the best wireless plan? Don’t look any further.  I am going to share with you 5 reasons why Walmart Family Mobile is the best wireless plan.  Note:  This is a sponsored post through Collective Bias on behalf of Walmart Family Mobile.  As always, all opinions given are mine.

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile

Last month, I shared with you how I had the opportunity to try out Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plan.  It’s been a month and I’m excited to share with you my findings.  If you missed the previous article you can view it here:  How to Pay Less For Unlimited Plans.  You can also check out my shopping trip by visiting my Google+ album.

Over the past month, I really had the opportunity to try out the service and I really couldn’t be more please.  So here are my 5 reasons why I think Walmart Family Mobile is the best wireless plan.

#1.  The Price and Savings

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile charges $40.00 a month for unlimited talk, text and data plus an additional $35.00 a month to add another line.  Compared to what I’m paying right now, which is $143.52.  Switching would save me $68.52   What I also found interesting was that I didn’t have to pay up front for my service. I spent $25.00 to activate my phone.  Then when I received my first months bill for one line, it was prorated to $23.92.  I was a little confused by this and found out that Family Mobile generates their first service bill approximately two to three weeks after activation. Since a full month of service hasn’t been used at that point, the first bill will reflect a lower monthly charge for your rate plan and any paid features.  See MyFamilyMobile.Com for more information.

#2.  No Contract

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile


Walmart Family Mobile doesn’t require you to have a contract.  I love this!  I believe the reason why they don’t need to put you under a contract is because they aren’t selling you a phone. These high priced smart phones that you can get under contract for $99 is only affordable because you are paying for it over the course of your contract.

#3 Convenience 

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart makes it convenient for you to enroll in their plan.  You can head to your closest Walmart or you can stay home, get on your computer and order your everything online.

#4 Competitive Service 

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile

If you look you can see that I had pretty much the same coverage with my current provider.  The service was actually pretty competitive, especially living here in a big city.  There were a few spots that my service wasn’t as good, not sure if that justifies paying $68.52 more a month for.

#5  Selection of Phones

Best Wireless Plan - Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile offered some pretty nice phones for a great price.  You can choose from their selection and get a phone for as low as 19.88, (which would be perfect for young child learning to be responsible with a phone )  to a top of the line smart phone.  We’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S III on the plan and my kids are in app heaven.  They’ve been stealing my phone and playing all of their new games.  Our 3G service has been excellent for that.  What’s even better is that you don’t have to purchase a phone from Walmart.  If you have an unlocked GSM phone, you can use that phone and activate it, saving you even more money.

Don’t be afraid to give the service a try!  You aren’t under contract so you can cancel your service at any time.

Comment below and share what top 5 things you look for to in getting the best wireless plan.

Serve By American Express – Credit Benefits Without Using “Credit”

Serve By American Express is kind of exciting so I had to share. An alternative to debit and other prepaid cards that’s loaded with great features.

The reason this really excites me is because I shop at Costco a lot and I love to get gas there!  However, I try to use the cash only method and it’s hard to do.  So with Serve By American Express I can load the amount I want to use to my card and keep my budget in check.

But you can use this card in whichever way you choose.  Get the benefit of credit without using credit.  

There are no credit checks and no monthly or annual fees, Serve brings more people into the American Express family and you get all of the access to their  benefits such as:

Purchase Protection:
Shop with your Serve® Account and you can help protect eligible purchases against accidental damage or theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

Roadside Assistance:
When your car breaks down, we can send help your way for towing, winching, flat tires, battery boost, fuel delivery, or emergency lock-out*.
*Available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Entertainment Access:
Enjoy access to presale tickets, reserved seats, and behind-the-scenes experiences in certain cities when you use your Serve Card from American Express.

Pretty neat if you ask me, definitely a great way to manage your money.   If you want the benefits of credit without having a credit card.  Consider Serve by American Express. 



Financial Problems – My Husband and I Just Don’t Agree

Financial Problems occur in many households including mine.  My husband and I just don’t agree when it comes to dealing with our finances. (With the exception that we want to be debt free.)

Lately our financial problems have been paying off some lingering debt.

Financial Problems by drager

Dave Ramsey says to get aggressive with your debt and sell everything!  I love that theory, but I’m also not taking it literally.  My husband has a motorcycle that he can sell.  We’ve had it listed but no buyers yet.  My husband  is impatient and he wants to drop the price to get rid of it faster.  I told him not to do that.  He disagrees with me, which leads to us arguing because we just don’t see eye to eye.

His reasoning is that this will keep our motivation and we’ll no longer have to pay for registration and insurance on the item.

My reasoning on this is the fact that selling this item, won’t take us out of debt.  Yes it will put us closer to becoming debt free, but since it won’t zero out our balance why rush?  We have time to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along and pay us our asking price.  As of right now, we’ve solely relied on Craigslist to find a buyer.

I pointed out that we don’t have a plan of action to get this bike sold.  We can’t just market it on Craigslist, we need to start looking at other opportunities to find a buyer.

He pointed out that we’ll have to pay for advertising and costs associated with marketing it elsewhere.

I justify that the advertising costs won’t be as much as what he want’s to lower the bike for.

See our dilemma?  Comment and tell me what your thoughts on how to solve our current financial problems?

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Financial Problems


5 Tips on How Can I Get Money and Payoff that Holiday Debt

How can I get money is often a question I get asked.  It’s one that comes up often during this time of year, especially now that those credit cards bills are coming in from the holidays.

how can I get money

So if you’re asking How can I get money to pay extra towards my bills? The answer is a pretty simple, yet a hard one.  You’ve got to make money to get money and doing that is hard.

Here are 5 tips to help you find ways to get money;

  1. Do you have a bunch of stuff?  Make money with Yard Sales.  You can also sell items online.  Just go through your personal belonging and sell items you don’t need.
  2. Can you sacrifice your time?  If so, make money with taking on a 2nd Job.  Some ideas would be to deliver pizza, take on a paper route, babysit and so on.
  3. Do you have a hobby? Such as: Sewing, Carpentry, Mechanical  Graphic Designs?  Make money with your favorite pastime and turn it into a source of income.
  4. Are you a brainy-act?  Math-wizard?  Use your knowledge and make money with tutoring!
  5. Do you love being on the computer?  Make money with surveys.  It’s hideous work but filling out surveys can generate some extra income and is easy to do while your watching tv.

Here are some you may be interested in:

    • Cash Crate

    • E-Poll

    • Send Earnings


Need more ideas?  Check out our some of our saving series post.

These are just 5 tips to get started.  What are your suggestions my readers when they ask the question:  How can I get money to pay off that extra debt?



3 Budgeting Tips: Simple and Effective


Three budgeting tips you’ll definitely want to remember.  Especially if you are finding that you have no money after your paycheck?

These budgeting tips are really simple.  It’ll help you get control of your money fast!  Simply by asking yourself the following question.. Are you thinking about the things you are buying?

Let’s look back the past week.  How many drinks did you buy last week?  How many times did you eat out?  Did you pick up a few outfits that you really didn’t need?

It’s all those little things that we don’t really account for that can add up and believe me they add up quickly and can be disastrous to your budget.

If you feel like this is happening to you, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start thinking about your purchase before you buy them.
  2. Control your spending is by tracking everything that you purchase.
  3. Find where your weakness is and cut back on it.  Don’t be alarmed if it’s a huge shocker!  You may find out that your Starbucks daily coffee is costing you $240.00 a month!  Been there, done that!  

You may want to take the next step and get organized by using this Simplified Home Budget Book.  Knowing where your money goes is key to budgeting.

How do you keep control of your spending?  Do you track daily?  Do you practice these budgeting tips?

Want more budgeting tips?  Check out my post 5 Ways you can take control of your money.

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