How To Shop At Vons

How to Shop at Vons and get the most out of your money.  I’ll show you a few key items you want to keep your eyes out for.  Not only will you save at the store but with Vons gas rewards, you can save at the gas station too!

How to Shop Vons

Vons recently announced how you can Shop at Vons and Save at the Pump with their gas rewards program and with today’s gas prices who wouldn’t want to save at the pump?

      How to Shop at Vons

By using your VonsClub Card you can earn points on the following:

  • For every dollar you spend on groceries you’ll earn 1 point.  
  • For every dollar spent on eligible gift cards, you’ll earn 2 points .  
  • For every dollar spent on pharmacy items, you’ll earn 1 point. 

For each point you earn once you reach the following accumulation, you’ll be able to save the following amounts at the pump:

  • Accumulate 100 points and get $0.10 off your next gallon
  • Accumulate 200 points and get $0.20 off your next gallon and so on. 
  • Accumulate 1000 points and get $1.00 off your next gallon

Not too shabby!  Plus if you don’t have a Vons gas station close by, you can redeem up to $0.20 off your closest Chevron or Texaco Station.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me show you how to save in the store so you can get the most from your money.

The first thing you want to do, is look over your Vons ad and check for any of the Clip or Click Coupons that are available.  You’ll also want to check online for U Digital Coupons.  You can load these coupons right to your VonsClub Card that way if you aren’t used to couponing you won’t forget your coupons.   Be sure to do this before you head to the store and give yourself about 20 minutes to make sure it gets loaded into the system.

How to shop at Vons


While shopping the store, make sure you look for items marked clearance.  What I liked was that Von’s had signs around that really announced the items on clearance.  Meat on clearance is one of the ways I usually look for when I want to save on meat.


How to Shop Vons


My eyes are magnets when I see signs that say 50-75% off.  I would have liked to have seen that final price on it, but after putting my brain in math mode I definitely grabbed some great deals on lunch meat and soap.  Ham for $1.50, with no coupon Wahoo!

How to Shop Vons

This was my overall purchase.  I also picked up an Amazon Gift Card just so I could get some extra gas points. I didn’t bring in any coupons with me and felt like I grabbed some really good deals.

How to shop Vons


Plus I earned  my fuel reward and I’ll be able to save $0.10 off each gallon of gas.  I think I may hold on to them and wait until I get 1000 points though.

How to Shop Vons


Some tips if you are heading to Vons to take advantage of the fuel rewards.

1.)  Watch for promotions.  This weeks ad gave you $0.20 fuel reward with a $75.00 purchase.

2.)  Buy your gift cards at Vons.  Last week they had a promotion where you got 4x the points when purchasing a gift card.

These are just a few more extra ways to get the most of your money.  Stay up to date Follow Vons on Twitter @Vons_Pavilion  Hastag #FueledbyVons

I received a $100 gift card to shop at Vons and review their new fuel rewards programs.  As always, all the opinions given are mine.

Have you used Vons new fuel rewards program?  Want to try it?   Here’s your chance!  Vons is sponsoring one lucky Reader with a $50.00 Vons Gift Card.  Good Luck!  Here are the details on how to enter:

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How to Save at Winco – 3 Tips You Want to Remember

How to save at Winco is a question I get asked often since Winco doesn’t have any sale ads.

How to Save at Winco 1.1

Very rarely does Winco advertise.  So I have to run to their store to find the deals.   However after consistently shopping at the store I’ve found a few ways to really save.  It comes down to shopping on the fly.  You never know what’s going to be on sale, so when you shop @Winco you want to be prepared to do just that.

When you first enter Winco you’ll pass the Wall of Savings — they usually have some great prices on items but some of them aren’t so great so be cautious when heading down this path.

My first real stop is the produce section. Our family eats lots of fruits and vegetables and if it weren’t for their amazing produce I wouldn’t be in the store every week.

Tip #1 – Take a look at all of the produce and don’t limit yourself on one type.

Our favorite apples are the red delicious apples. But they may not always be the cheapest. I will buy the cheapest apples available and each week changes.  For Example this week sale was on Braeburn apples at $0.58 a pound.  Red Delicious apples are being sold for $1.19 a pound.  By choosing a different brand I can get twice as much.  I’ll follow this method with the other produce I buy too.

Tip #2 – Walk around the store looking for their price shocker sales.  These are amazing deals.  You can also find great deals on their Extra Savings tags too.

Winco Chicken Breast

Then I’ll head to their meat department and I’ll look for ways to save on meat.

Tip#3 Look for meat on clearance.

Be sure to look around at everything. The most obvious one is the yellow tag on the meats that say reduced. But at times they’ll actually change the price tags and they’ll just have the reduced price.

How to Save at Winco


And If I find a really great deal I’ll stock up on as much as I can, as long as it’s in my budget.

When you discover these deals, be sure to build up your stockpile.  Stocking up when items are at the lowest are key.

If you follow these 3 Tips on How to Save at Winco, you’ll won’t be disappointed and you’ll definitely score some amazing deals.

How do you save at Winco?


How to Start Couponing Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 of our How to Start Couponing series.  If you are just now joining us be sure to check out  Part 1 How to Start CouponingPart 2 Finding the Deals and Part 3 How to save without printing coupons.

Today post is going to show you several ways to get coupons.  You may have heard me tell you these ways before, especially if you’ve followed some of my other series.  These are  the best way’s I’ve found in getting coupons.

1st – sign up with newspaper.. if you live here locally just email me and we can get you signed up to receive additional sunday newspapers for less than $1.00.  I get a total of 5 Sunday papers.  A huge savings to our $3.00 Sunday papers.

If you don’t live in the Las Vegas are you can still take advantage of discounted newspapers..

Newspaper Subscription
2nd – If purchasing extra newspapers are not within your budget.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and scope out who gets the Sunday Paper.  Take you’re coupon insert and knock on the door and introduce yourself and ask them if you can have their coupons, if they don’t use them.  Then each Sunday, head out early, grab the coupons from their papers.  A great way to save money and exercise too!

3rd – Get coupons HERE on my website.  You’ll have access to print all available coupons online.  You can print most coupons twice – so if you have a desktop and laptop that would give you 4 coupons.  Save on ink by printing in black and white.

4th – Participate in Coupon Swaps , post and ad in Craigslist.Org or Freecycle.Org, ask family, friends, neighbors and co-works for their coupons.

5th – Make rounds at places such as Coffee houses, McDonalds, Hospitals and other places you know that sells the Sunday Paper.  Lots of time you’ll find people leave their papers for others to read.  You can also approach and ask people reading their papers if they use their coupons.

6th – Hit the Recycling Bins in your neighborhood.  Beware of this, some properties consider this trespassing.  But if you live in communities like mine, we have our own recycling container that we put out on the curb each week.  Take some gloves with you and walk your neighborhood.

7th –  If need be order coupons on line.

Choose whichever method that’ll work for you!  The key is getting multiple coupons.  This way you can increase your stockpile at the lowest price possible.

I’ve just given you a lot of information in a short period of time.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Couponing is fun!  If you have questions, ask!  I’m here to help you.  Strive to Save 50% and work your way up from there.

How to Start Couponing: Part 3

Welcome Back to part 3 – How to Save without printing coupons.  If you are just now joining us on this series, be sure to check out Part 1 How to Start Couponing, Part 2 Finding the Deals

Another great way to save is to go online and look at your stores digital coupons.  These are coupons that you can load to your card.  However the only downfall to this is that most stores don’t double the digital coupon and they don’t allow you to upload multiple coupons and may not allow you to use these coupons towards clearanced products.

In this example with this sale, I didn’t have a coupon for this item, however my store had a coupon specifically for their customers that I was able to load directly to my card giving me an additional savings of 30%.
But you don’t always need a coupon to get a great deal.    Right now my store is advertising a sale on corn.  3 for $1.00, that’s a great price and I don’t need a coupon.

Stores run their sales cycles every quarter, the key is to purchase enough to get you through the next sale.  Start keeping track of the items you purchase and create your very own price book to find your stores trend.

Even though you have a coupon doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best price using it.  As I stated before in the beginning it all depends on using it at the right time along with the right sale. However when you do have the right sale and the right coupon.  It’s important to have enough coupons to get you through to the next sale cycle.

When purchasing additional papers, you may want to consider one paper for each member of your household.   I purchase 5 papers per week and for me that’s sufficient for me to stock up with my family of 6.  If you don’t stock up on coupons you won’t reach your maximum savings potential.

Join me tomorrow for Part 4 where I conclude this series and share with you techniques on where to get coupons.

How to Start Couponing: Part 2

If you’re just now joining us on our How to Start Couponing Series, be sure to check out Part 1.

Alright!  Are you ready to learn how to coupon?  We’ll get out your sale ads!  If you live in Las Vegas, most of your ads should be arriving in your mailbox today, Tuesday.

Now the first thing I want you to do is look over all of the sale items listed in the ad.  The more and more you clip and coupon, you’ll start to recall coupons that you may have on hand.

You want to make sure you pay special attention to the front page and back page of your weekly ads.  Most of  the items listed on the front and back page are items at their lowest to entice you to come to the store and if applied  with coupons you can walk away with some freebies!

Here’s one sale that was on the back page of a weekly ad.

Now if you can see the Ad shows Crest Toothpaste on sale 10 for $10.00.  Even though it shows 10 for $10.00 my store sell this individually at $1.00.  I don’t have to buy 10 items for this item, that is just one way to the store entices you to buy more items.  After looking through my coupons, I happen to have $1.00 off Coupon, so guess what!!  This make this item FREE for me! Savings equals 100% using coupon.

Now FREE isn’t always the case..I may have a coupon but I may not be able to get the item for free however the savings is still significant.

Tony’s Party Time Pizza is on sale for $1.00, well I happen to have $1.00/2 coupon.  By using this coupon that I obtain from the SS (Smart Source) insert, I’ll be able to reduce the cost to 50% off, getting 2 Pizzas for the price of $1.00.  Savings equals 50% using coupon.

Depending on the store you shop at is another big factor in couponing.

Sorry for the pictures being so small… My ad, currently has Haribo Gold-Bears for $1.00, well I found a coupon online for $0.30/1.  This product is on sale 10 for $10.00.  Using this coupon at my store the cost would be $0.70.  However if you are one of the lucky ones whose store double coupons, this would be a great coupon to use, now making it worth $0.60.  You’ll be able to walk away getting this item for $0.40.  Savings equals 60% using the coupon at double the value.

See how your savings can fluctuate?  Couponers don’t always walk about with free stuff, no matter how seasoned you are.  It’s combining the right sale to the right coupon.  Having the right coupon and a bunch of them at the same time.. can make you an extreme couponer.

I strive to always save around 60% at the store.  To me, that’s realistic.

Join me tomorrow as I discuss Part 3 – How to save without printing coupons!



How to Start Couponing Part 1

With TLC Extreme Couponing Show, many of you new readers are wondering how to get started.  It’s great that the show, shows people walking away with huge amounts of savings however it doesn’t show you how to get started.

I’m going to show you how to get started and you’ll find It’s really simple to get started once you know the basics!

One thing you’ll notice on the show is that the people on the show buy several of the same items.  Buying multiple items and stocking up is the key to savings.  However the show is unrealistic too.  If I went into the store and bought 1000 boxes of cereals and had 1000 of the right coupons my savings would be extreme too.

I don’t extreme coupon.  I get multiple papers, a total of 5.  Having multiple coupons is what you need and how extreme you want to go is up to you and your amount of coupons.

The stores you shop at are also extremely important.  If you have a store that doubles coupons you can walk away with even more savings.  Here in Las Vegas our stores don’t offer that, but don’t let that discourage you.  You will still be able to walk away with free items and unbelievable savings.

Don’t be too concerned with walking away from the store with a 99% savings.  Most couponers on average save about 50-60% off of their grocery bill consistently!  As long as you are saving that’s what’s important!

Now before I show you how to coupons we need to back up and learn the basics.

Throw everything you know about couponing out of the window.  Couponing is for buying things when you don’t need them.  If you are going to start couponing, you need to keep an open mind, be willing to try different brands.  If you stick to one brand it’ll reduce your savings opportunities.

Join me tomorrow as we discuss part 2 and review sale ads.



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