Stockpiling Series: Part 4

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Welcome Back to How to build your stockpile series.  If you’re just now joining us for the first time, be sure to check out Part 1:  Organization , Part 2: Calculating your stockpile need, Part 3:  Waiting for the perfect sale.

Part 4:  Getting multiple coupons.  This is key to building your stockpile if you are couponing.  If you’ve decided couponing is not for you, Part 4 will not apply to you.

There are several ways to get coupons.

1st – sign up with newspaper.. if you live here locally just email me and we can get you signed up to receive additional sunday newspapers for less than $1.00.  I get a total of 5 Sunday papers.

If you don’t live in the Las Vegas are you can still take advantage of discounted newspapers..

Newspaper Subscription
2nd – If purchasing extra newspapers are not within your budget.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and scope out who gets the Sunday Paper.  Take you’re coupon insert and knock on the door and introduce yourself and ask them if you can have their coupons, if they don’t use them.

3rd – Get coupons HERE on my website.  You’ll have access to print all available coupons online.  You can print most coupons twice – so if you have a desktop and laptop that would give you 4 coupons.  Save on ink by printing in black and white.

4th – Participate in Coupon Swaps , post and ad in Craigslist.Org or Freecycle.Org, ask family, friends, neighbors and co-works for their coupons.

5th – Make rounds at places such as Coffe houses, McDonalds, Hospitals and other places you know that sells the Sunday Paper.  Lots of time you’ll find people leave their papers for others to read.  You can also approach and ask people reading their papers if they use their coupons.

6th – Hit the Recyling Bins in your neighborhood.  Beware of this, some properties consider this trespassing.  But if you live in communities like mine, we have our own recycling container that we put out on the curb each week.  Take some gloves with you and walk your neighborhood.

7th –  If need be order coupons on line.

Choose whichever method that’ll work for you!  The key is getting multiple coupons.  This way you can increase your stockpile at the lowest price possible.

What are your favorite ways to get coupons?


Stockpiling Series: Part 3

How to build your stockpile

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Welcome back to how to build your stockpile.  If you’re just now joining us be sure to check out stockpiling series Part 1: Organization and Part 2: Calculating your stockpile need.

In Part 3 we’ll be waiting for the perfect sale to increase our stockpile.

In part 2 example we’ve calculated that we need to grab 12 toothbrushes to get us through the next sales cycle.

You don’t need to coupon in order to increase your stockpile, you just need to wait for the store to put the item on sale at their rock bottom price.  However if you have coupons to apply to the rock bottom price, you’re savings will be even more significant.

We’ll be assuming that all of us are couponers in my next example.

Let’s say, their is a sale on Colgate toothbrushes 10/$10.00, normally priced at $2.29 each.  By waiting for the sale I’ve already save $1.29, but now I want to further my savings to see if any coupons are available on this product.  So I’ll check the printable coupons.  Wahoo! I find $0.75/1 coupons are available for this product.  Which makes the final cost $0.25 each.  If I purchase all of these with a coupon it’ll cost me $3.00 for all 12!  Which is amazing since one at regular price was $2.29.

As I said earlier you don’t have to coupon to save.  The regular price would have been $27.48 if you bought all of these one at time when you needed it, not on sale.  Buying them on sale would cost you $12.00, saving you $15.48, but if you coupon, it would cost you $3.00 see how couponing pays off?

Having multiple coupons is key to this, join me tomorrow for Part 4:  Getting multiple coupons.

Want to know more about how to start couponing?  Check out my how to start couponing series.

Stockpiling Series: Part 2

how to build your stockpile

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Welcome back to How to build up your stockpile… If you’re just now joining us, be sure to check out Part 1: Organization

Now that you’ve completed Part 1 and have your inventory and are organized lets move on to Part 2.  Calculating your stockpile need.

The purpose of stockpiling is to buy items when you don’t need it, this way you don’t ever have to pay full price for the item when you do need it. Did you hear me correctly?  Buying stuff when you don’t need it, is the key!!

That is why I asked you to take inventory on your items.  If you have a dozen shampoos in your pantry but only one tube of toothpaste, you’ll want to stream your focus on getting more toothpaste.  Not only will this help you control your costs, it’ll help you from buying stuff that you don’t need.

Now what I want you to do is to make a list of everything your family uses…

Example:   Toiletries:  Toothpaste, Shampoo, Razors, Shaving cream, etc..

Groceries:  Pasta Sauce, Pasta Noodles, Cereal, Soups, Ground Beef, etc..

Imagine you ran a restaurant and created the menu of all the items you could serve your customers.  Would you wait to run out to the store to buy all of the ingredients after they ordered?  Of course not!  This is how you want to look at what you are stockpiling.  You don’t ever want to have to run out to grab something that you’ll need, let alone pay full price.

Most sales cycles run about every 3 months, In this next example we are going to ensure we have enough to last us until the next sale.

Let’s say our need  is toothbrushes, now calculate how often your family changes their toothbrushes.  You can guess on this.  For example..  If your family changes their toothbrushes every month and you have a family of 4, you’ll need 12 toothbrushes  to get through to the next sale.

4 toothbrushes x 3 months = 12 toothbrushes

Now that we know how many toothbrushes we need, we need to wait for the perfect sale to stock-up on this.  Join me tomorrow for  Part 3 – Stockup Sale


Stockpiling Series: Part 1

how to build your stockpile

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Some of you are just finding my site because you just got done watching Extreme Couponing and you’re wow’d!  Your intrigued on building a stockpile and are wondering how did these people do it?

Well in the 4 part series, I’m going to teach you the basics of stockpiling.

Let’s get started with the first being:


It is important that you get organized!  This is crucial to building a successful stockpile.  If you are not organized, you will never know what you have on hand, your food will expire and overall you are just wasting money!

Now for your homework…

Your homework is to organize your fridge, freezer, pantry and anywhere else you plan on keeping your food and toiletries in.  Make sure you throw out anything you will not use and stuff that has already expired.

Promise me that you will not move on to Part 2 until you have done this!

Now that you’re organized, I want you to take inventory of what you have and what you are in need of, then join me tomorrow as we move on to Part 2 – Calculating your stockpile need.



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