I Gave up Deodorant for 30 Days and This Is What Happened

You’re probably wondering why I gave up deodorant for 30 days?  Well it all started when I was standing in my closet looking at my clothes.  I was looking at my new shirts I had just purchased and discovered they already had some glittery yellowish brown stains under the arm pits.  I was upset.

I started googling what actually caused the yellowish brown stains and discovered it wasn’t the sweat itself that caused the stains.  It happened to be the aluminum combined with sweat that was the culprit.  My first thought was to research natural aluminum free deodorants.

But I wanted to try something else instead….. What if I stopped using deodorant for 30 days?  Would I see a difference.  Would my clothes be stained free?

natural aluminum free deodorants

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15 Things You Don’t Know About Me

It’s May 1st and I want to hit the restart button on this website.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like there is this big disconnection in the blogging world.  So many websites with amazing information.  However, the majority of them have seemed to have lost something, myself included.  We’ve been so focused on giving you great useful content.  That we’ve no longer have a personal relationship with our readers.

So Let’s start this month with getting personal!

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When You’re a Christian Who Hates Christmas

I’m a Christian who hates Christmas. I know I shouldn’t use the word hate because it is such a strong word so I’ll tone it down a bit. Over the past few years, I’ve dreaded Christmas.

lacking Christmas Spirit

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Question of the Day: Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation is on May 6th.  I have 3 kids in school.  They each have 3 teachers, 4 specialty teachers, 2 P.E. teachers and 3 class assistants.

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PinchThisStretchThat.Com is now MomsLifeboat.Com

A lot has changed over the past 4 years, especially with this blog.  I know I may have shocked some of you with the name change, but let me explain why.

PinchThisStretchThat.Com initially started out as a website designed to help you save money and find great deals.   Over time it’s really grown into so much more.  The site doesn’t just talk about money, we provide recipes, talk about family struggles and so much more.

With that being said, it was time to move on and change the name of the blog.

I would like to introduce you to…. MomsLifeboat.Com  (Helping you stay afloat when life is overwhelming)

Why did I choose MomsLifeboat.Com?  Because as Moms we do it all!  Sometimes when life is so busy and chaotic we feel overwhelmed, to the point where, we feel like we are drowning and just need some help.  (a life saver, a life boat).

Other than the name and design of the blog changing (which you’ll see coming soon), everything else will pretty much stay the same.  MomsLifeboat will continue to focus and write about Finance, Family, Food, Faith and Home.

I hope you are as excited about this change as I am.

Girl Scout Cookies – Is the Cost Worth It?

Girl Scout cookies seem to be getting more expensive and the packages and cookies seem to get smaller and smaller.  Our cookies cost $4.00 a box.    In my opinion Girl Scout Cookies are not worth the price.  To me that is crazy!

Girl Scout Cookies

The marketing behind the cookies is genius!  By only offering cookies once a year, we all get suckered into what we can’t have, so we go crazy when we can.  Just look at what happened when people couldn’t buy Twinkies anymore.  Do you think that if these cookies were offered every day we’d be willing to pay $4.00 for a box.  Heck NO!

Taking that into consideration, you should always say No to the co-workers coming in or the parents coming around asking you if you want to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  You should also say No to buying in bulk, because of the (I can only have them once a year syndrome).

But even though I feel that the cookies are not worth the price, I still think you should buy at least one box of cookies from a Girl Scout that approaches you. 

Why?  Because these little girls are learning some amazing life lessons.

  • They are learning how to work.
  • They are learning how to set and strive to reach their goals.
  • They are learning how to deal with money.
  • They are learning how to deal with people, face to face.
  • They are learning how to deal with someone when they say No.
  • They are learning how to work with a team.
  • They are learning friendly competition.

Our society needs this!  Therefore contributing to one box of cookies will help these girls learn some these imperative life lessons.

Want to make your own cookies throughout the year?  Check out the following books:

Joys Top Secret Recipes

Even More Top Secret Recipes

Whats your thought on buying Girl Scout Cookies?  Do you even worry about the price?


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