How to Shop the Unexpected and Stockpile Food on a Budget

Recently on my Facebook page, I did a Facebook Live video on How to Shop the Unexpected.  You may have missed it because Facebook has a tendency to not show you much of my articles from Facebook if you haven’t like, commented or shared a post recently.  So be sure to do that.  😉

When you shop the unexpected, this is the perfect way to stockpile food on a budget.  you can often find some of the best deals on markdowns within the store. [Read more…]

Create a budget and find extra money for the holidays

I made this quick video on how to create a budget.  By starting now, you will be able to find extra money to use for the holidays.

I used my iphone to make the video – not the prettiest video, but not too bad for it being on the fly.

Create a Budget


What do you feel is the easiest way to create a budget?  Comment below!  I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions.

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