How to Shop the Unexpected and Stockpile Food on a Budget

Recently on my Facebook page, I did a Facebook Live video on How to Shop the Unexpected.  You may have missed it because Facebook has a tendency to not show you much of my articles from Facebook if you haven’t like, commented or shared a post recently.  So be sure to do that.  😉

When you shop the unexpected, this is the perfect way to stockpile food on a budget.  you can often find some of the best deals on markdowns within the store. [Read more…]

How to Save on School Uniforms

Are you looking for how to save on school uniforms?  Then I’ve got some tips to share with you.  I’ve been using these saving techniques for the past 3 years and each year my savings are significant.

How To Save on Uniforms Feature

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5 Tips to Make Date Nights Affordable

Date nights are still important even when you are trying to cut expenses.  There are many ways to enjoy spending time with your spouse, having cheap date nights without breaking the bank.

cheap date night ideas

Remember though, these date nights are treats and they aren’t to be abused.  Keeping that in mind I’ve put together 5 Tips on making date nights affordable.

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How to Freeze Pie {Freshly Baked}

Earlier I shared with you the Marie Callenders Pie Sale.  I love their pies.  When they go on sale it’s the perfect time to take advantage of stocking up and storing freshly baked pies.   It’s relatively simple too.

How To Freeze Pies

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Love Groupon? 5 Reasons to use Groupon Coupons

Do you love the deals you get from Groupon?  We’ll then you’ll love Groupon Coupons.  I have to admit that I never knew Groupon Coupons existed.  It was one of those tabs I missed.  I constantly go on Groupon’s website and find great deals but I’ve never used Groupon Coupons.

If you’ve missed that tab too, you’ll definitely want to check it out.  I put together 5 Reasons you should use Groupon Coupons.

Groupon Coupons Deals

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Buying a New Car? 8 Tips While Negotiating Your Deal

Yesterday I shared with you 8 Tips to do before buying a car.  Today I’m going to share with you 8 Tips to do when negotiating your deal.

how to get a good deal on a car

When Negotiating

1.)  Know your credit score in advance.  You can use sites like credit karma to get your score for free.

2.)  If you live in a big city, check other competitive dealers.  Check their dealer inventory and see what prices they are offering online and use that as a negotiating tool.  (Keep it on your phone and show it)

3.)  Know the numbers of the vehicle you are buying.  Remember the MSRP and the total price of the car.  Dealers “may” get the numbers wrong on their first negotiation paperwork.  (Oops… I don’t know how that happened)  Making it look like you got a better deal on your next round of negotiation.

4.)  Don’t have your vehicle appraised until the latter part of negotiation.  You’ll be able to keep your keys on hand — ready to leave as you wish.

5.)  If you are pre-approved by your bank.  Don’t disclose the interest rate you have.  Tell your salesmen, that you are already approved and work on negotiating the price of the vehicle only.

6.)  When negotiating make sure the discounts they are giving you aren’t just the dealer incentives.  Often times dealers will make you believe they are doing you a favor by giving you this rebate.

7.)  If you don’t want to hassle with negotiating at all, just ask your deal if they will show you the TrueCar price.  Once they do, they won’t negotiate the price any further.

8.) Spending hours at the dealership is exhausting, the longer you are there, they more you’re willing to take the deal just so you can go home.  Don’t!  Be prepared to walk away, Oh and eat beforehand!

The tips I just shared are tips I did when I purchase our new vehicle.  Overall we saved about $6K.  We’d been dreading this day, we had hoped to to keep our 12 year old vehicle running for as long as we could.  It just came to the point where the cost of repairs were becoming the equivalent to a years worth of payments for us.   Since we’d never really recoup that money back in the sale at a later point, it just made sense to retire her.

Do you have car buying tips?  Help our readers save by sharing your car buying tips by commenting below.


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