Buying a New Car: 8 Tips to Do Before Buying

Buying a new vehicle can be exciting.  The thought of getting the new car smell, everything being new and shiny along with the luxury of knowing that anything that breaks on it will get fixed over the next 36 months/36,000 miles. The process of buying a new vehicle is not exciting. Here in Vegas at least.  You walk into the dealership and that’s when nightmare begins.

how to get a good car deal

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I’m Having a Norwex Party and You’re Invited

I clean my house a lot!  With 4 kids making messes around here no further explanation is needed.  When it comes to purchasing cleaning supplies, I don’t spend a lot on them. I look for inexpensive products that don’t have a lot of chemicals and when I can’t find them,  I’ll even make my own.  {See my Homemade Window Cleaner Post}.  Until… I discovered Norwex.

norwex feature

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Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Making These 10 Blackberry Recipes

When blackberries are on sale… it’s time to stock up and go crazy!  Be that crazy person who buys 20 lbs of blackberries because stocking up can save you money.  There are so many things you can make with blackberries and freeze ahead of time.  This way you get to enjoy all of your favorites all year long without paying higher prices when blackberries are out of season.

photo credit: James Barker



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5 Graduation Party Places You May Have Overlooked

Finding a place to have a graduation party or even any party really stinks, especially here in the Las Vegas Valley. We don’t have very many luxuries outside of a casino to rent party places that don’t charge you a fortune.

Graduation Party Places

When my daughter graduated high school and being a penny pincher, I really wanted to do the party at home. However, our guest list was quite big and we just couldn’t hold 50 people in our home.

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How to Save on Car Rentals – I saved almost $500 with these 5 Tips!

How to Save on Car Rentals is a post inspired by a huge mistake I made.  Had I not investigated more, I would have ended up paying almost $500 for this mistake.  (I chose the comic book theme on this image.. because I really felt I needed a superhero to the rescue).

Cheap Car Rental

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10 Ways to Save during the Holidays

Why does anyone want to put themselves in debt, in order to give?  We should actual look for ways to save during the holidays and give gifts that we can afford and from our hearts.

10 Ways to Save During the Holidays


These 10 ways to save during the holidays are just practical tips that any family can do.

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