Church vs Sports and Why We Chose Sports

Church vs Sports.  When your schedules just don’t mix.  Which one do you choose?

church vs sports

In the summer we enrolled our kids for Wednesday night Awana.  Which happens to run during our school year.  For those of you who don’t know what Awana is, just think of the Boy/Girl Scouts, but Christian based. The kids learn bible verses, etc and earn awards, jewels and so on.

In the fall we decided to enroll all of our boys in baseball.  Fall ball for us starts Sept/Oct and runs for about 12 weeks.  Normally we swap and let the twins play during the spring and our youngest son play during the fall. We were optimistic having all 3 boys playing.  It shouldn’t be too bad right?

Our past baseball seasons we’ve only had a few games on Wednesday.  We figured we could deal with those conflicts when it arose.  But this year, we found out that the twins baseball games were EVERY Wednesday!  Had we known these games were all on Wednesday, we wouldn’t have enrolled our kids.  But now we’ve committed our kids to both Awana and baseball.  Now we had to decide which to attend?  Was it church or sports?

Then we realized that church doesn’t just happen at church.  God wants us to be present in our community.  He wants us to be around people who don’t know him.  He wants the light to shine through us.  How our children act, while they are playing their sports is important.

We also realized, the Church isn’t responsible for leading my young boys to be strong Christian men.  That is the responsiblity of my husband and I to do that.  We use the Church to feed our souls and replenish our spirits and that’s why we attend every week.  But being with Christ is something you must do daily.  Studying your bible, praying, serving and putting into practice what you learn from his teachings.

So am I saying that sports is more important than church.  Absolutely not!  I’m saying that you are in charge of leading your family to know Christ.  How you choose to do that is up to you. You know what your family strengths and weaknesses are.  If sports is consuming your life and taking over all of your time to worship then you need to rethink whether or not your children should be involved in that sport.  Maybe you need to choose one that has less of a commitment.

Psalm 25:4-5 I think sums it up perfectly.  Show me your ways, Lordteach me your paths.  Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

Comment below and tell me… How do you decide what is the right amount of kids sports (and other activities) and what’s too much?





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