Crazy For Coupons

For the past few weeks since I started couponing my Sundays consist of going to the dollar tree to pick up my newspapers, stop by my parents and steal their coupons and then come home. However I wasn’t able to do this on Sunday because we were out of town. My husband and I decided to take a weekend trip. We haven’t been on a weekend trip without the kids for almost a year and all I kept thinking about was my coupons.
I didn’t want to disturb my father to have him go get me my papers since he was caring for my 4 children. I thought we’ll just pick up a few papers in town, but I didn’t see any place to pick up newspapers so I finally buckled down and called my father.
My husband thinks I’m crazy, but that wasn’t the worst of it. We just got done eating lunch and in the hotel lobby on a table was a Sunday papers already opened, spread out for the guests. (We weren’t guests at this hotel.) I stopped to look through the ads to see if they had coupons. They did! I thought should I take these? Then reasoned with myself not to. But I keep thinking they are going to throw these coupons away and they are going to be wasted.
See how crazy I’m getting with coupons!
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