Get Started: 52 Week Savings Challenge – Weekly and Reverse Order Breakdown

It’s a New Year and if one of your New Years resolutions is to save some money why not join us on our 52 Week Savings Challenge.

52 week savings Challenge

The 52 Week Savings challenge is a pretty simple challenge.  It just requires a  lot of discipline.  Starting with week one, you’ll deposit  $1.00 that week, then week 2 you’ll deposit $2.00 and so on.  By the end of the year you’ll have $1378.00!   Just pick a week you want to get started use the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable Form.

Most people start the new year off with this challenge.  If you are planning on doing that and want to stick to specific dates be sure to print the 52 Week Savings Challenge 2014 Form

The first few weeks will be simple and throughout the year the challenge will get harder.  Just remember the purpose of the 52 Week Savings Challenge is to discipline yourself into learning how to save and be committed to saving the amount listed above.

If you feel the challenge too simple to start off, why not try the challenge in reverse.  Start week 1 with a deposit of 52.00.  This would be perfect for Christmas.  Get the 52 Week Savings Challenge Reverse Order Form

Whichever method you choose, at the end of the year you’ll have a nice savings to do whatever you wish!

Whose up for the 52 Week Savings Challenge?

Need some ideas on how to save?  Check out my post 7 ways to increase income at work without asking for a raise.

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