Girl Scout Cookies – Is the Cost Worth It?

Girl Scout cookies seem to be getting more expensive and the packages and cookies seem to get smaller and smaller.  Our cookies cost $4.00 a box.    In my opinion Girl Scout Cookies are not worth the price.  To me that is crazy!

Girl Scout Cookies

The marketing behind the cookies is genius!  By only offering cookies once a year, we all get suckered into what we can’t have, so we go crazy when we can.  Just look at what happened when people couldn’t buy Twinkies anymore.  Do you think that if these cookies were offered every day we’d be willing to pay $4.00 for a box.  Heck NO!

Taking that into consideration, you should always say No to the co-workers coming in or the parents coming around asking you if you want to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  You should also say No to buying in bulk, because of the (I can only have them once a year syndrome).

But even though I feel that the cookies are not worth the price, I still think you should buy at least one box of cookies from a Girl Scout that approaches you. 

Why?  Because these little girls are learning some amazing life lessons.

  • They are learning how to work.
  • They are learning how to set and strive to reach their goals.
  • They are learning how to deal with money.
  • They are learning how to deal with people, face to face.
  • They are learning how to deal with someone when they say No.
  • They are learning how to work with a team.
  • They are learning friendly competition.

Our society needs this!  Therefore contributing to one box of cookies will help these girls learn some these imperative life lessons.

Want to make your own cookies throughout the year?  Check out the following books:

Joys Top Secret Recipes

Even More Top Secret Recipes

Whats your thought on buying Girl Scout Cookies?  Do you even worry about the price?


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  1. We’ll buy a few boxes of our favorites and that’s it. We certainly don’t stock up. They are getting rather expensive, though. I wonder if consumers have a limit on how much they’ll pay for Girl Scout cookies?!

  2.' Scout Momma says:

    I am a Girl Scout Troop leader, and I work in fundraising for a non-profit organization. I would like offer some additional perspective -it is easy to get caught up in the value of the product received and lose sight of the value of your philanthropic contribution. Yes, you can get cookies cheaper elsewhere or make them yourself. However, when you purchase Girl Scout cookies, in addition to helping girls build confidence and the important life skills you highlighted, you are making a financial contribution that supports individual troops, as well as the local council and national program. It is unfortunate that the price has gone up, but the cost of ingredients, production and distribution have increased, so the only way the program (which is, by the way, the world’s largest girl led business!) can be successful as a fund-raiser is for the price to increase.

    Our troop participates in booth sales to provide the girls with face-to-face experience and to develop the skills you outlined above. And although my daughter (age 7) cannot accompany me to work to sell cookies in person, she is still highly involved in processing orders from my generous co-workers. She is learning to type and developing business management skills by entering contacts and tracking sales in the online ordering system, and she is responsible for sorting and preparing orders when the cookies arrive, filling out receipts and writing thank you notes for each order.

    The proceeds our troop earns allow us to not only do fun activities and take field trips (which the girls help to budget for and plan), but also to participate in service projects for our local homeless shelters, Ronald McDonald House and our local food bank.

    All of this is to say that while you may be paying more and the packages and cookies may seem smaller than in the past, the cookie program is a fundraiser that helps girls to develop life skills. When you spring for that box (or 5), you can feel good about making a financial contribution to an amazing cause. The cookies are just a sweet bonus 🙂

    • Thank you for your perspective! I think it’s amazing that your Troop does thank you notes for their orders. It’s nice to have that extra personal touch that is often missed now a days.

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