Give the Gift of Woombie

Have you ever received a gift for your baby that you just didn’t know if you would love?

That was me! A few years back, I received a Woombie. I had not been aware of this baby essential with my firstborn. But in the Fall of 2015, we began using the Original Wombie with our second daughter. Can I tell you that this was the best gift ever! The gentle snugness of the stretch fabric kept her calm, and it was the perfect thickness… never too hot, but it kept her cozy and sleeping peacefully without worry of socks and infant mittens popping off, or blankets coming untucked.  After a few days of having the product, we quickly purchased a few more so we always had one ready. In case we had diaper blowouts, reflux spit up etc.


The older she got, we left the snaps open and her arms out so she could begin to transition and outgrow the startle reflex… and also push herself up if she rolled onto her belly. It was absolutely perfect! Some mornings when I went to check on her she would have her arms tucked inside anyways… even with the snaps open, just snuggling.


As she began to outgrow the Original Wombie and wanted to move around more and roll over, we upgraded to the Convertible Woombie


It was exactly what we needed for the next transition stage to keep getting good sleep. After outgrowing the Convertible I didn’t even think to check back on the website and see if there was another stage… I simply tucked the swaddles lovingly away in the baby boxes for a potential future third baby and we moved on to two-piece pajama sets.

Fast forward to now, our daughter now 15 months old. MomsLifeboat partnered with Woombie and received the Bamboo Mod Sleeper. 20lb+ (2T) Metro (Grey)


We were so excited about this product. The following evening we put it on immediately after bath time, just over a short sleeve onesie, and although she did her normal routine of running away from while I tried to dress her… she was all smiles and so happy about it!


We have now used it on and off for 2 weeks, and I’m certain it is not a coincidence that the nights she is wearing the sleeper she either doesn’t wake up and sleeps through the night… or only wakes up once to nurse. The nights that she hasn’t been wearing it I am in her room multiple times putting her back to bed and usually her hands and feet are cold (and her blankets have bunched up in the corner of the crib of course). As it is made from bamboo, this sleeper is so luxuriously soft… I would sincerely love to have a blanket from this material for myself! Or pajamas!


Similar to the Original Woombie and Convertible Woombie there is a slight stretch to the material, so it allows for a gently snug fit which is just perfect. Overall I am very pleased with this product. What I would like to see is a friendlier design for a squirmy/active 15-month-old. All the soft wonderful fabric has to go over her head, and then I subsequently have to fish out her arms. I also leave the bottom open so she can stand. But I still love the product and will definitely continue to use it.  The comfortable soft sleeper also helps to keep her warm when blankets just get pushed to the side.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, a baby shower or perhaps a gift to yourself.. You need to gift Woombie, available in many colors and sizes. It was my favorite gift and I’m confident your recipient and their baby will love it too!

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