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walgreens health care clinic

Having a health care clinic around the corner is changing the way busy moms like me do things.

Health Care Clinic

All my life I’ve been pretty healthy and fortunate that I don’t get sick very often.  When I do get sick, things tend to shut down and chaos seems to break loose around the home.  I can’t be sick for long especially being a busy mom of 4, I need to feel better quickly.

There are some instances when I already know why I’m sick, that I wish I could write my own prescription to avoid all the hassle of going to the doctors for them to confirm my diagnosis.  Since that is not possible I’ve got to make an appointment to see my primary care physician.  My primary care physician can rarely get me in the office the same day and sometimes the hours just aren’t convenient.  I hate having to make arrangements for my kids, just to go see the doctor.

I’m impatient.  I want a convenient health care clinic.  I want to be able to walk in whenever I need to, get my prescription, get on my way and get life back to normal as soon as possible. That’s why I’m excited about Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. It’s perfect for moms like me! 

Health Care Clinic

It’s located right around the corner and I can go online, search the wait times and just drop in and get my prescription filled all in one location.   (Check out my Google Plus album to see my shopping experience)

health care clinic

Walgreens revamp their take care clinic and has expanded offerings in their new health care clinic.   Services  available for prevention & wellness, treatments as well as monitoring & management services. This is perfect because it’ll suit the entire family.

The New Walgreens Healthcare Clinics 

  • Open 7 days a week and weeknights, too
  • Walk-ins and appointments are welcomed
  • Accepts most insurances
  • Have board certified family nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Offers treatments for patients 18 months and older

Health Care Clinic

If you are impatient like me, don’t have a primary care physician, new to the area, need something close to your neighborhood and within walking distance, available in the evenings and on weekends, be sure to consider Walgreens Healthcare Clinics and comment below and tell me why you’d use your corner Health Care Clinic.

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  1. I love how convenient these are!!

  2. I would use mine because I stink at keeping appointments and I would love to be able to just pop in at my convenience. Plus, I’m one of those annoying patients who doesn’t seek care until she’s dying. Unfortunately, I only die on the weekends.

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