Household Management 1/5

This was my to-do list for yesterday:

Wipe down walls in Kitchen and Family Room
Shampoo Family Room Carpet
Dust Entertainment Center

Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside and Out
Straighten Pantry
Clean Stove/Fridge
Clean Hall Closet
Wipe down baseboards
Dust Ceiling Fan
Head to Smith’s to pick up some sale items

I am pretty happy with the things I got accomplished today.  I even did a few other things that weren’t on my list.

My to do list for today is:

Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside and Out
Straighten Pantry
Clean Fridge

Clean Hall Closet
Clean and Wipe down walls in Bathroom
Start Filing away 2010 Documents

Those listed in Red are my 3 priorities for today!

My Tip for Household Management today is, don’t let the list control you!  It’s OK to stray away from the list.  Just make sure you accomplish your Top 3 items.  Doing that will give you a feeling of accomplishment, knowing your working in the right direction of your goal.

Oh.. and I’m going to through in a helpful task too… make sure you start early, starting later in the day gave me the feeling like it took me forever to finish my tasks and made it rougher when I had to incorporate dinner in my madness.

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