How to accumulate coupons

Sunday papers are the best way to accumulate coupons. If you have a Dollar Tree close by you, they sell the Sunday papers for $1.00. This is a huge savings for me, since our Sunday paper usually runs $2.50.

However check with your local newspaper to see if they have any subscriptions that would allow you to purchase extra Sunday Papers. If you live in Las Vegas your in luck. The Las Vegas Review Journal has a subscription for couponers. They will deliver up to 5 Sunday papers for $1.00 per paper on top of the normal subscription. This saves me from going to the Dollar Tree on Sundays.

How many papers you should buy is totally up to you. However the more coupons you get the easier it is to stockpile and obtain better deals. We have 6 people in our family so I get a paper for every person in our household. You can also get many coupons online through various sites and stores. Couponing is easier if you are not a picky person. For example sticking to one brand of toothpaste. It makes it harder to find deals, when you limit yourself on the type of items you are willing to purchase.

Here are a few websites that will get you started in the right direction for searching for coupons online. Most of these sites will let you print 2 coupons per item.


P&G Everday Solutions

Red Plum

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your coupons will start to add up and how soon you’ll be going crazy to keep it all in order.

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