How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home is something that I constantly thought about every time I walked into my closet. Bins and bins of toys, garbage bags full of clothes and shoes and it didn’t stop there.  I would head into the loft and see more toys and I longed for the days where my kids no longer played with toys.  I get angry and upset because there is so much we need to get rid of but the thought of it just overwhelmed me.

How to Declutter Your Home


Toys my kids haven’t played with or toys they’ve outgrown and yet we still had all of it.  I got to the point where I thought to myself, why do they need all of these toys.  One bin of toys should be sufficient.  Not 18.  And that’s where the declutter began.

The picture you see above was phase one of decluttering.  What you can’t see in the picture are my bins of toys boxed up with more and more toys stacked on top of it.  Can you see how this can be so overwhelming?

Do you feel the same way? And dread starting?  We’ll I’ve got some tips for you on what I learned in this process.

Tip #1.  Don’t feel like you have to do it all or all at once.

Tip #2.  Pick a room and gradually start tackling it.

Tip #3.  Set a time and make a habit of doing it.  If you give yourself a half an hour a day to do it be sure to dedicate that time strictly to that.

Tip #4.  Remember it will take time.  You didn’t accumulate the stuff overnight, don’t expect it to all be gone overnight

Afterwards you’ll have this pile of stuff.  Now what?  We’ll that’s up to you.  If you love yard sales, have one. Earn some extra cash for all of your hard work and check out my post on 35 tips on how to have a successful yard sale.

Otherwise be sure to donate your items to your favorite charity and use it as a tax deduction.

Do you find decluttering to be overwhelmings?  Comment below and share your tips on how to declutter your home.




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Gina is an overwhelmed mother of 4 children which includes twins. She often looks for ways to make life a little easier. When she's not chauffeuring her kids to school, cleaning the house or taking her kids to their activities, she finds her sanity though this blog and through social media. Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third.
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  1. I love your decluttering tips; very systematic and organized! My own tip would be: If your children doesn’t want to give their toy, consider with them the idea of a garage sale. It’s a fun event and if you promise that the collected money will go for a new bike, PlayStation or whatever your child like, I think the old toys will disappear very quickly! Thank you for sharing!

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