How to Freeze Pie {Freshly Baked}

Earlier I shared with you the Marie Callenders Pie Sale.  I love their pies.  When they go on sale it’s the perfect time to take advantage of stocking up and storing freshly baked pies.   It’s relatively simple too.

How To Freeze Pies

You’ll need plastic wrap to get started.

Freeze Pies

and just make sure you cover the entire pie!  I’ll repeat…. Check and make sure it’s completely covered, air is the enemy.

I like to do double and triple layers just to make sure.

Freeze Fresh Pies

Then to make it more secure, I’ll add a layer of aluminum foil over the top.

Storing Pies to Freeze

Since I purchased my pies at Marie Callenders,  the pies came in their own box.  I just put the wrapped pie back into the box.  Note:  A pie box isn’t needed, it simply stores nicely while in the freezer.

How to Freeze Fresh Pies

Freezing a Cream Pie?

If you plan on freezing a cream pie, I would flash freeze the pie for an hour or two first.  What does flash freeze mean?  Basically your just quickly freezing the item till it gets hard.  With cream pies this is imperative.  If you miss this step you risk smashing the top.

Freeze Marie Callenders Pies

To defrost:

For Cream pies:  Unwrap and place in fridge (2-4 hours) or on counter (1-2 hours)

For Fruit pies, Unwrap and place in fridge (2-4 hours) or on counter (1-2 hours).   There is no need to bake them, since they are already cooked.  However with fruit pies, if you’d like to serve them warm.  You can heat them up by baking at 350 degrees for about 5-10 minutes.

and that’s it!  See I told you it was pretty simple.  Now you can enjoy your freshly baked pies all season long!



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