5 Tips On How to Save On Meat

How to Save on Meat is often a question I get asked.   You rarely find coupons for meat purchases and it’s something many households purchase often.  Saving on meat at the grocery store isn’t the only way to save on meat.

How to save on meat

I’ve got 5 Simple tips on How to Save on Meat

  1. Buy Meat when it’s on sale and stock up!  
  2. Buy in Bulk.  Zaycon Foods is one of my favorite ways to bulk in bulk.  Their prices are very competitive and it’s simple.  Right now you can pick up Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for $1.79lb.  For the chicken you have to buy in 40lbs increments but don’t let that frighten you.  Check out my youtube video Freezing and Storing Chicken in Bulk
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy clearance meats.  Many grocery stores will clearance their meats 1-2 days before they expire just to ensure they alleviate the stock they have on hand.
  4. When using meats, especially in dishes like casseroles, soups, etc.  Use half of the meat it requires.  With those types of meals, you won’t miss it.
  5. Do you have a Meat Grinder?  If not you may want to invest in one.  Especially if you like lean meats.  Rather than paying $4+ dollars per pound for 93/7 ground beef.  You could get a great deal on a Sirlion Tip and grind it yourself.

Comment below and share your tip on How to Save on Meat.

How to Save on Meats

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