How to Start Couponing Part 1

With TLC Extreme Couponing Show, many of you new readers are wondering how to get started.  It’s great that the show, shows people walking away with huge amounts of savings however it doesn’t show you how to get started.

I’m going to show you how to get started and you’ll find It’s really simple to get started once you know the basics!

One thing you’ll notice on the show is that the people on the show buy several of the same items.  Buying multiple items and stocking up is the key to savings.  However the show is unrealistic too.  If I went into the store and bought 1000 boxes of cereals and had 1000 of the right coupons my savings would be extreme too.

I don’t extreme coupon.  I get multiple papers, a total of 5.  Having multiple coupons is what you need and how extreme you want to go is up to you and your amount of coupons.

The stores you shop at are also extremely important.  If you have a store that doubles coupons you can walk away with even more savings.  Here in Las Vegas our stores don’t offer that, but don’t let that discourage you.  You will still be able to walk away with free items and unbelievable savings.

Don’t be too concerned with walking away from the store with a 99% savings.  Most couponers on average save about 50-60% off of their grocery bill consistently!  As long as you are saving that’s what’s important!

Now before I show you how to coupons we need to back up and learn the basics.

Throw everything you know about couponing out of the window.  Couponing is for buying things when you don’t need them.  If you are going to start couponing, you need to keep an open mind, be willing to try different brands.  If you stick to one brand it’ll reduce your savings opportunities.

Join me tomorrow as we discuss part 2 and review sale ads.



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Gina is an overwhelmed mother of 4 children which includes twins. She often looks for ways to make life a little easier. When she's not chauffeuring her kids to school, cleaning the house or taking her kids to their activities, she finds her sanity though this blog and through social media. Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third.
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