How to Start Couponing: Part 3

Welcome Back to part 3 – How to Save without printing coupons.  If you are just now joining us on this series, be sure to check out Part 1 How to Start Couponing, Part 2 Finding the Deals

Another great way to save is to go online and look at your stores digital coupons.  These are coupons that you can load to your card.  However the only downfall to this is that most stores don’t double the digital coupon and they don’t allow you to upload multiple coupons and may not allow you to use these coupons towards clearanced products.

In this example with this sale, I didn’t have a coupon for this item, however my store had a coupon specifically for their customers that I was able to load directly to my card giving me an additional savings of 30%.
But you don’t always need a coupon to get a great deal.    Right now my store is advertising a sale on corn.  3 for $1.00, that’s a great price and I don’t need a coupon.

Stores run their sales cycles every quarter, the key is to purchase enough to get you through the next sale.  Start keeping track of the items you purchase and create your very own price book to find your stores trend.

Even though you have a coupon doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best price using it.  As I stated before in the beginning it all depends on using it at the right time along with the right sale. However when you do have the right sale and the right coupon.  It’s important to have enough coupons to get you through to the next sale cycle.

When purchasing additional papers, you may want to consider one paper for each member of your household.   I purchase 5 papers per week and for me that’s sufficient for me to stock up with my family of 6.  If you don’t stock up on coupons you won’t reach your maximum savings potential.

Join me tomorrow for Part 4 where I conclude this series and share with you techniques on where to get coupons.

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