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I created this Free Menu Planner Printable because menu planning is essential if you want to save money on groceries for the week.  One of main reasons people over spend on their groceries is because they head to the store at the last minute and pay full price for the meals they are craving to eat.

Free Menu Planner Printable - Full Color



By using these Free Menu Planner Printable in full color.  Or you can print this Free Menu Planner Printable in partial color (Ink Saver).   Not only will you be prepared by planning ahead you will save money and time as well.

When you begin planning your menu, start by looking in your freezer, fridge and pantry.  Then plan meals with the ingredients you already have on hand.

Then make a list and head to the store for the ingredients you need.   For significant savings be sure to check our series on stockpiling.  Where I’ll teach you how buying items when prices are at their lowest will save you in the months to come.

What tips do you have when you use your menu planner?




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  1.' Colin Burch, III says:

    Hi! great website.
    Was unable to print the weekly meal planner. Get blank screen when clicking to download pdf. Printed a couple of other things OK.

    Praise God for your daughter’s healing. Was diagnosed multiple myeloma a couple a weeks ago, a cousin of leukemia. God is faithful and good and we expect what only God can do. God heals, doctors diagnose and treat.

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