10 Free Mother and Son Activity Ideas

Looking for free mother and son activity ideas?  We’ll you’ve come to the right place.  I have 3 boys that I love to take out and do activities with.  However we don’t always have the funds to do that.  When we do have the funds, to be honest my husband and I take advantage of date night instead.  That left me with looking for ways to have a mother and son activities without costing me money.

Mother and Son Activity Ideas

10 Free Mother and Son Activity Ideas:

1. Attend a Little League Game – This is as much fun as watching the big leagues play, without the price.  Plus if your child plays little league like mine, they’ll have even more fun watching their friends play.

2. Check your local parks and recreations for a movie in the park.  If you can’t find one rent a movie from the library.

3. Take your child to the Home Depot Kids Workshop or Lowes Build and Grow.  These workshops are so much fun.  Your child gets to build projects and take them home with them.

4. Ride bikes and have a picnic in the park. A fun way to get some exercise and have some fun too.

5. Have a nerf gun war.  My boys are nerf gun addicts.  What would be more fun than shooting mom?  Tip for mom, choose a gun like the rapidstrike that carries lots of bullets!

6. Play video or board games.  Nothing is more fun than some friendly competition.  One night we played a monopoly game that lasted over 3 hours.

7. Go hiking.  Hikes are great because not only do you get some exercise, you spend a lot of time talking and getting to know your child better.

8. Visit historical sites in your area and google facts about it.  No need to pay for museum fees, there is so much history in your state that is free to see.

9. Visit the Lego store‘s monthly mini model build, which takes place on the first Tuesday of each month.  Your child will be able to build a mini project and take it home with them.

10. Get out the fine china and candlelight. – My kids love this!  Something about the fancy dinnerware that makes them feel special.  Make it more fun by cooking dinner together.

By using the things we already have on hand gives me the ability to have some fun and free mother and son date nights.

Be sure to check out my other post 5 Tips to Make Date Night Affordable and I’d love for you to comment below and share with me your free mother and son activity ideas.



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