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Are you flustered now that you have a ton of coupons and don’t know how to organize them?
I originally started off with a small coupon organizer, you know the kind that looks like a wallet and you carry it in your purse. Well this didn’t work for me. It took too long to sort through the coupons just to find the one I wanted to use.
After a few mishaps this is what I found that works best for me.
I purchased a 3 ring binder that has a zipper. (Now the straps didn’t come with this, I got tired of carrying the binder around, so I sewed some rings onto the binder and attached a luggage strap to it.) You can purchases binders that have straps already attached. Check out the Case it brand binders. I’ve seen a lot of them with straps and I highly recommend the straps!
On the outside, I have accordian style storage which works great because I can keep my grocery ads in one place for easy access. I also keep the coupon inserts in here until I am ready to cut them and place them in their spot.
On the inside it has a zippered pouch that I keep my scissors in, 2 pen holders, a cell phone holder, slots to carry my store cards and a place to store my calculator.
I also purchased baseball card holders to store the coupons in. You can fill 9 coupons on one page. I have a couple of dividers to divide my sections to organize the coupons, which are: Baby, Food Coupons, Household, Health and Beauty and Store Coupons.
I didn’t want a 100 dividers so I took my label maker and made labels and attached them to the top of baseball card dividers. I also have a few paper protector sheets that I use to keep my Stores Coupon policy and my grocery list in.
In the back of the binder I have one of those paper protector sheets and load up all of my coupons that I know I probably won’t use. Why keep them? You never know, I may stumble across a free deal and may know someone that might be able to use it. So I keep them just in case.
Hopefully some of these ideas will help you in tackling your coupon storage. Now is a great time to find clearance binders from back to school savings.
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