6 Steps to Help You Accomplish Your New Years Resolution Goals

It’s time for New Years Resolution Goals.  The year flew by fast and now I’m thinking about the goals I want to accomplish for the new year.  If you’re like me many of the goals you are setting are likely a repeat of goals you set for the previous year.   That got me thinking that I really needed to do things differently in order to accomplish my goals for this year.

New Years Resolution Goals

Let’s be honest here, I stink at accomplishing goals.  I give up way too easy or somehow find a way or excuse out.  I start off all gung ho and then I lose interest or it becomes too hard to continue with and I just stop.

One of my goals was the 52 weeks savings challenge, I only got to week 10.  I got bored with it and just stopped. This year I’m determined to accomplish everything on my list by doing the following:

6 Steps to Help You Accomplish Your New Year Resolution Goals.

1.)  Create a vision board of everything you want to accomplish.  

Then post it all around your house for you to see.  This will keep your goals fresh in your mind for the year.

2.) Set specific goals.  

Ask yourself, how am I going to do this?  What time am I willing to dedicate to this goal.  What am I willing to give up?

3.)  Set little goals in between.  

Such as how much do I want to accomplish for the week, two weeks and for the month.

4.)  Reward yourself periodically.  

Once you’ve set your little goals in between, reward yourself.  This will help you stay motivated.

5.) Re-Evaluate the goal if necessary.  

If you’ve taken on too much, it’s ok to re-evaluate the goal.  Be ok with reaching 90% of your goal.  It’s not an A+ but it’s still and A.

6.)  Don’t give up.  

Even if you get off track.  Continue to fight for what you want and repeat the steps until you meet your goal.

I’m really excited for 2015 and tackling my vision board.  I really want to say that I knocked out everything on my list.

My list includes to doing the following:

  • Daily bible reading.
  • Paying off debt.
  • Saving money.
  • Losing weight.
  • Developing a household routine.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Taking a family vacation.
  • Reading more.
  • Getting more involved with my kids homework.
  • Start planning for Christmas in July.

Comment below and tell me what are your New Years resolution goals.

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