Nitro Circus – Family Approved?

Nitro Circus came to town and I took my family to see it. (on behalf of US Family Guide. Note all opinions given are my own.)  I was really excited to take the family. The show promised their best athletes in freestyle motorcross (FMX), BMX in this all new production. Plus we were able to see 17x games medalist Travis Pastrana perform.


The show was pretty insane. The stunts were AMAZING! I’d hope to take some of my own photos at the show, but security was pretty tight and wouldn’t allow any dslr cameras in.  But these photos provided, really do replicate the event.

I have some mixed feeling about the show though and whether or not it is family approved.


First, Let me tell you what I loved.

I loved the performances. These people are so talented, amazing and awesome daredevils.  I think my mouth was open for the entire show. nitro circus vegas

I love how entertained my kids were, how much they enjoyed it and how much they kept talking about it for days after the show ended.


Now let me tell you what I didn’t like about the show.

The language. PG-13 language. There was derogatory sexual terms used and what made it even worse… They acknowledged the little kids in the audience but continued on with the language.

The show was really loud. We’ve been to loud events, such as concerts, monster jam.. etc. . But for some reason the speakers were obnoxiously loud.

The venue (MGM grand area) was awful. We had parking issues, the ticketing booth to pick up your tickets for will call was ridiculous (that we missed part of the show) and the seats were so uncomfortable. So for my Vegas readers I recommend showing up about 2 hours earlier and bring a cushion.


The show was pretty amazing!  I just feel that Nitro Circus just needs to clean up the language and tone it down a bit.  If the cons I stated don’t offend you, go and see the show.  You’ll love it!


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