5 Graduation Party Places You May Have Overlooked

Graduation Party Places

Finding a place to have a graduation party or even any party really stinks, especially here in the Las Vegas Valley. We don't have very many luxuries outside of a casino to rent party places that don't charge you a fortune. My daughter graduated high school last year and being a penny pincher, I really wanted to do the party at home. … [Continue]

5 Things I Always Get from Attending the NMX Conference

nmx conference

NMX Conference came to an end, but really it was just the beginning.  I meant to write a post during the conference but with all the busyness with networking and sessions I really didn't have a chance to catch up the blog. … [Continue]

Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

hard boiled egg

Hard boiled eggs, oven baked?  Who would have thought.  If you've been googling how to hard boil eggs you should really try this.  This was so simple, I doubt you'll go back to boiling eggs again. … [Continue]

Monster Jam Finals Discount Las Vegas + New Family Traditions

Monster Jam WF feature

Most of you are coming to my site to grab the Monster Jam Finals Las Vegas Discount. But before I share the coupon code for Monster Jam World Finals, I'd like to share with you how these monster trucks are creating new family traditions for us. … [Continue]

A Day in My Life as A: Stay at Home – Work at Home – Sports Mom

A Day in My Life feature

I have friends constantly asking me... How do you do it all?  Then they go into saying, I can barely keep up with the one child I have.  I don't see how you do it with four children.  Let me show you how a day in my life goes as a: stay at home / work at home / sports mom.  You'll find I have days where somethings got to give.   … [Continue]

10 Outdoor Sports Season Must Have Items for the ‘Spoiled Parent’

outdoors sports must have feature

Baseball season is under way and with our 3 boys being on 3 different teams this year we are spending a lot of time outdoors.  This past weekend had a triple header.  The first game started at 1 pm and the last one didn't end until about 8:30 pm. Spending that much time outdoors, I want to spoil myself and enjoy some little luxuries that will make … [Continue]

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