No Sew Placemats Using Burlap Material

no sew placemats burlap material

I jut got finished repurposing my dining room set.  Now that's all done, I wanted to make some cute no sew placemats.  Our dining room set now has a shabby chic look.  I wanted to add some table decor and the first thing that came to mind was burlap material. No Sew Placemats … [Continue]

Save, Plan and Pay with Outback’s Mobile App


Outback Steakhouse Mobile App is changing your dining experience.  Most of you already know how much I love Outback!  I'm glad to be a part of their team to bring you all of this new and exciting information with their mobile app.  Using your mobile device you can save, plan ahead and pay get to enjoy all of Outback's yummy goodness. … [Continue]

Lack of Communication is the #1 Relationship Killer!


Today's technology is amazing. A few days ago, we walked into our friends house and they were video chatting with their parents. They talked for almost 2 hours. In a push of a button their parents were able to catch up with each of them and their grandkids. How awesome it that? Decades ago, we didn't have that capability. Our best communication at … [Continue]

25 Already Made Easter Baskets Your Kids will Love!

25 Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner.  I know some of you feel like you are running out of time and/or  dread putting together an Easter Basket for your kids.  Well if so, I've listed 25 Already Made Easter Baskets that your kids will just love. … [Continue]

Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

hard boiled egg

Hard boiled eggs, oven baked?  Who would have thought.  If you've been googling how to hard boil eggs you should really try this.  This was so simple, I doubt you'll go back to boiling eggs again. … [Continue]

10 Outdoor Sports Season Must Have Items for the ‘Spoiled Parent’

outdoors sports must have feature

Baseball season is under way and with our 3 boys being on 3 different teams this year we are spending a lot of time outdoors.  This past weekend had a triple header.  The first game started at 1 pm and the last one didn't end until about 8:30 pm. Spending that much time outdoors, I want to spoil myself and enjoy some little luxuries that will make … [Continue]

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