Nitro Circus – Family Approved?


Nitro Circus came to town and I took my family to see it. (on behalf of US Family Guide. Note all opinions given are my own.)  I was really excited to take the family. The show promised their best athletes in freestyle motorcross (FMX), BMX in this all new production. Plus we were able to see 17x games medalist Travis Pastrana perform. … [Continue]

How to Grill A Turkey Dinner

thanksgiving turkey

Cooking a turkey dinner indoors is pretty traditional.  But did you know that you could minimize the activity in your kitchen by cooking your turkey outdoors?  A lot of effort goes into getting the dinner prepared, and if you have a house full of family and friends it can create a chaotic scene in your kitchen. But by taking your cooking to your … [Continue]

Nitro Circus is Coming!

nitro circus vegas

The Circus is in town and not just any Circus - Nitro Circus.  I'm so excited too!  With a house full of boys, this is one Mom whose gonna be happy.  I get to take the boys to see an amazing show and let them burn off a bunch of adrenaline too!  I'm a little disappointed that my daughter isn't able to attend with us, she would have loved it … [Continue]

Best Fun Birthday Restaurant – Via Brasil Steakhouse

Via Brasil Steakhouse Las Vegas

If you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just want to have a great meal with your friends Via Brasil Steakhouse is a place you definitely want to check out.  We recently took the twins there for their 12th birthday and it's definitely tops our list for the best fun birthday restaurant. … [Continue]

5 Tips to Prepare for a Debt Free Christmas

Debt Free Christmas

Halloween is almost over and in a blink of an eye Christmas will be here before you know it.  To keep your Holiday Stress Free, I’ve got 5 tips to help you to start preparing now! Even before Halloween season began, the stores put out their Christmas stock on the showroom.  They are prepared and they want you to buy, buy and buy!  Many of us … [Continue]

5 Tips to Make Date Nights Affordable

cheap date night ideas

Date nights are still important even when you are trying to cut expenses.  There are many ways to enjoy spending time with your spouse, having cheap date nights without breaking the bank. Remember though, these date nights are treats and they aren't to be abused.  Keeping that in mind I've put together 5 Tips on making date nights … [Continue]

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