Why Some Projects Aren’t Worth Your Time!

repurpose fabric barstools

Sometimes as much as I love something or want to save money and repurpose an item.  There comes a time when I say to myself.  Don't waste your time!  Just get rid of it! I recently helped a friend reupholster her coffee table.  That project was amazing and totally worth it. But then she asked me if I could help her reupholster a chair.  My … [Continue]

Hotel for Large Families with 5-6 guests + Free Breakfast Scottsdale AZ

The Best Hotel For Large Families Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

Having a large family makes it difficult when searching for a hotel room. I can't express enough how crazy it drives me. I recently spent hours and hours researching hotels for large families in Scottsdale AZ, before I finally decide on a location. If you're looking for a hotel in Scottdale or Phoenix Arizona that sleeps 5-6, let me save you time. … [Continue]

Embarrassed By Your Furniture? Here’s What to Do!

cheap furniture transformations

Recently a friend of mine was getting ready for her in-laws to arrive.  While she was tidying up her house everything looked good but her focus went straight to her furniture. She was embarrassed by her furniture! She didn't want her in-laws to see her torn up furniture. My friend called a few places looking for someone to recover this … [Continue]

Mini Pollo Asado Taco Cups

taco cups

My kids can be picky eaters and there are days when I do not want to fuss with making them eat their dinner. On days like this I'll put together stuff they can "make" on their own.  These Mini Pollo Asado Taco cups are perfect. They get to build their own taco cups and are excited because their eating mini foods. … [Continue]

IKEA Grand Opening Events – Las Vegas Store

ikea grand opening events las vegas

In just 7 days, the first IKEA store in Las Vegas will opens it's doors!  I'm so excited.  It seems as if everyone I know has talked about going to IKEA when they travel out of town and I'm so excited that I finally get to see what all the fuss is about.   I was able to preview the new IKEA Las Vegas  351,000 square-foot store is AMAZING.  Yes you … [Continue]

Mexican Calzone

Mexican Calzone

I was born with Italian and Asian roots. However I think that I should have been born with some Latina roots as well since I love making Mexican inspired dishes. Today's Mexican inspired dish is a Mexican Calzone.  I team up with Del Real Foods using some of their products to create this recipe. … [Continue]

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