Fight Back to School Sickness with Dr. Cocoa for Children

Dr. Cocoa For Children

Back to school usually starts the cold season. In my house when one kid gets sick, watch out! It's like the germ herd invaded my house and next thing I know, everyone is sick. … [Continue]

Disney Live Las Vegas Review Plus Coupon Code

Disney Live Las Vegas

I took my boys to see Disney Live Las Vegas and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you. Disney Live performances here in Vegas will be at the Orleans Arena on October 3-5, 2014. I'm always hesitant on whether or not my boys are going to like the show. They love Disney, but they get a bit overwhelmed when performances are all princess … [Continue]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Rice Krispie Balls

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Rice Krispies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chips Rice Krispie, need I say more?  This recipe definitely puts a spin on the traditional rice krispie treats by adding some fall favorites. The ingredients needed to make these pumpkin chocolate chip rice krispie balls are pretty simple. You'll need rice krispies, chocolate chips, butter, vanilla, salt, marshmallows, pumpkin … [Continue]

$260 Target Gift Card Giveaway

target giveaway image

This Target Gift Card Giveaway is worth $260.00 and I'm super excited to share this with you! … [Continue]

How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home is something that I constantly thought about every time I walked into my closet. Bins and bins of toys, garbage bags full of clothes and shoes and it didn't stop there.  I would head into the loft and see more toys and I longed for the days where my kids no longer played with toys.  I get angry and upset because there is … [Continue]

Weekly Activites Calendar – Free Printable

Weekly Activities Calendar

I love having a weekly activites calendar.  This makes my life so much easier so I can stay afloat with all of the overwhelming activites my kids are involved in.   … [Continue]

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