Practice Makes Perfect In Couponing

Yes, you all know that practice makes perfect and let me tell you in the month that I have been doing this, I'm still no where near the perfect stage. But these are things I have learned so far. First thing: Making sure the price or item is right. I still get a little flustered when I’m at the checkout stand and I give the wrong coupon, or didn’t … [Continue]

How to accumulate coupons

Sunday papers are the best way to accumulate coupons. If you have a Dollar Tree close by you, they sell the Sunday papers for $1.00. This is a huge savings for me, since our Sunday paper usually runs $2.50. However check with your local newspaper to see if they have any subscriptions that would allow you to purchase extra Sunday Papers. If you … [Continue]

A Whole New World of Coupons

Where have I been the past 15 years?  Why did it take me so long?  But I finally did it, I entered the world of coupons. Who knew there was so much involved around coupons. I just thought this was an added savings to not paying full price. I didn't know it would open up a new world for me on stock piling and searching for free items, when … [Continue]


Disclosure Policy The not so fun stuff.. At times, may be offered opportunities to review or giveaway a product. When reviewing a product the views and opinions are solely mine, and will be truthful and honest in what I share. If I cannot support the product, I will simply decline the opportunity. … [Continue]

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