Recent Albertsons Trip

Couponing is so exciting. Each day I’m getting better at it and when I score deals like these I have to tell everyone!
My recent Albertsons trips was amazing. I got all this for $34.66
Here is a breakdown of the items I purchased:
Rice Krispies 2 boxes
Corn Pops 2 boxes
Fruit Loops 2 boxes
Apple Jacks 2 boxes
Frosted Mini Wheats 6 boxes (2 are not pictured because I bought them for my parents)
Cinnabon Bar 1 box
Poptart 6 boxes
Fruit Snacks 3 boxes
Nutrigrain bars 4 boxes
snack crackers 2 box
Keebler Graham cookies 1 box
Keebler Fudge Stripe 1 box
Special K crackers 1 box
Milk 2 gallons
Cantalope 2
Total Sale Price $91.96 (Not on sale the price would have been around $158.00)
Coupons used $21.60
Automatic Store Coupon if you buy 10 $35.70
Final Price $34.66
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