Simple Home Command Center

Lately we’ve been doing some home renovations.  I’ve been reducing the clutter in my home as well.  One of our biggest issues seemed to be important papers and mail.  Our normal routine was to attached important papers to the fridge.  Our fridge ended up being our kitchen command center.  Then the next thing you know, papers got hidden by other papers and the outside of our fridge was a mess. Something had to be done.  I realized I needed a dedicated space to create a proper home command center.

Home Command Center


I thought about building one in my office, but in reality, it’d be out of site and out of mind.  I knew I wouldn’t use it there. Our family command center needed to be somewhere we constantly accessed. We use our garage door more than our front door, this wall made the perfect spot since its located right by our garage door entry.

Once I decided on the spot I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I looked at several ideas online and got overwhelmed.  Some of the ideas I saw were a bit outrageous, held way too much stuff and the last thing I wanted was more clutter.

Before I got started, I took a moment and looked at everything we had on our fridge. We had a calendar, dry erase board, menu planner, to do list and a magnet to hold all of our important papers.  Once I realized what was a necessity I created a simple home command center.

Simple Command Center

The H.  Very simple to make and it added a cute touch to our wall organization.  I grabbed a piece of cardboard and cute the shape of the H. I used some remnant fabric cut it to fit and taped it in the back. Then I stapled it to the wall.

I got a practical dry erase calendar.  Easy to update and make changes too.

DIY Command Center


A mailbox indoors.  Perfect for all those papers you don’t need right now.  (plus it’s a great place to store the dry erase markers)

I purchased 2 square dry erase boards. I love how I can use these for multiple things.  My menu for the week.  My to do list.  I can add motivational messages, etc.  It really gives me the option to change it up.

School Paper Organizational Tips

Clip boards one for each kid.  Each time the kids bring home papers I need to sign, they attach it to the clip board.  If I have homework I need to check or updates on their school spirit days or sports schedule this is where they place it. That way, I don’t forget.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, Eh?  If you are considering making a simple home command center, be sure to pin this to your pinterest board and save it for later.


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