Southwestern Chicken Salad

Southwestern Chicken Salad is an easy family fare when the temperatures are soaring out and you just want something cool and crisp to eat.

Southwestern Chicken Salad

I stopped into my Fresh & Easy store to grab a few items for dinner. Summer came early in our neck of the woods and this 110 degree weather really had me craving something cool and crisp. I had some cooked chicken in the fridge already and some avocados on hand and saw some Tri-Colored Tortilla strips and immediately starting craving a southwestern chicken salad.

The ingredients to make this southwestern chicken salad are pretty simple.  All you need is some chicken, romaine lettuce, picante sauce, tortilla ships, black beans, corn and avocados.  It only takes a few minutes to make and  top it with a cilantro lime dressing and watch your mouth water.

Fresh & Easy

This dish is absolutely delicious and my family loves it! Plus this dish is so flexible that you can turn it into burritos or tacos too.  I love things that make my life simple and that’s why I love shopping at Fresh & Easy.  Their fresh ingredients, reward card program and store coupons helps me save on my grocery budget.  Plus they have one of the best clearance sections.  I’ll stop in there a few times a week just to see what they have on clearance.

I also love how the store offers organic products too.  Fresh & Easy definitely makes my life easier and can help make your life easier too.  Be sure to sign up for a rewards card to get unbelievable savings and coupons along with their weekly ad delivered right into your in box.    Be sure to print this Southwestern Chicken Salad Recipe.

Southwestern Chicken Salad

Southwestern Chicken Salad


  • 3 Cups of Romaine Lettuce
  • 1 Large Chicken Breast, cubed
  • 1/2 Can of Black Beans (rinsed and drained)
  • 1/2 Can of Corn (rinsed and drained)
  • Red Bell Pepper, sliced
  • Green Bell Pepper, sliced
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Packet of Taco Seasoning
  • Avocado
  • 1-2 Tbsp Picante Sauce
  • Tortilla Strips


  1. Add chicken, beans, corn and pepper into pan, along with 1 cup of water and packet of taco seasoning. Heat thoroughly until water is evaporated.
  2. Serve over top of romaine lettuce. Add avacado, picante sauce and top with tortilla strips
  3. For and added burst of flavor top with some cilantro lime dressing


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  1. This salad looks great. Would love to give it a try. @simplycathi and I just discovered the Fresh & Easy store near us and we like it a lot. It hasn’t been 117 degrees where we are in SoCal … yet! But bet this cool salad would go along way in helping us cool down. Thanks!


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