Spending Quality One on One Time With Your Kids is Important

Being a mom is hard, that’s no secret. Being a mom with multiple kids just adds a little more crazy to the mix and with that brings extra challenges.  One of the challenges I think moms of many, including myself, face is finding the time to spend quality one on one time with each of their kids.


Finding the time to do that is a big enough challenge.  If I’m totally honest, it doesn’t get to happen as often as I would like, and I think many other moms would agree. I do try to squeeze it in wherever I can. With one on one trip to the grocery store, or a quiet ride to their activities to just talk to them, and only them. My youngest daughter was due for some one on one time with mommy, so I started looking for fun things we could do that catered to just her.

5 Reasons to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids. You'll love these parenting tips for happier children.

5 Reasons spending quality one on one time with your kids is important:

1.)  It strengthens your bond.

2.)  You get to know your kids better.

3.)  It opens your child up to talk about anything they want.

4.)  It shows them they are valued.

5.)  They get to share a common interest with Mom.

My daughter loves to watch Daniel’s Tiger in our home.  He teaches some really great lessons with songs (that aren’t awfully annoying). His show really encourages independence, and caring for others around us. It’s a show that I will even catch my 9 year old watching out of the corner of her eye. (Don’t tell her I notice.)

When I saw that “Daniel’s Tiger Live” was coming to The Smith Center!  I knew this would be our perfect date!  (Special Thanks to The Smith Center for sponsoring Momslifeboat to attend the Daniel’s Tiger Live Event)


I wanted to make the evening even more special, by letting her choose her own outfit.


I knew the live show would be great, and it did not disappoint! There was a ton of singing, and the stage was very colorful and grabbed the attention of all the little eyes watching. All of her favorites from the TV show made an appearance, including Baby Margaret. She was so excited, and never lost interest the entire time. After the show was over, we shared a treat on our way home.  I talked with her, and listen to whatever she wanted to tell me, including her 2016 Christmas list in its entirety. Daniel’s Tiger Live was just what our hearts needed.

You still have time to catch Daniel’s Tiger Live!  And be sure to check out all of the other amazing shows coming to The Smith Center in Las Vegas.

Do you spend quality one on one time with your kids?  If so, comment below and share how this has made an impact on your relationship with your kids.



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