How to Shop the Unexpected and Stockpile Food on a Budget

Recently on my Facebook page, I did a Facebook Live video on How to Shop the Unexpected.  You may have missed it because Facebook has a tendency to not show you much of my articles from Facebook if you haven’t like, commented or shared a post recently.  So be sure to do that.  😉

When you shop the unexpected, this is the perfect way to stockpile food on a budget.  you can often find some of the best deals on markdowns within the store.

Check out the video:

In the video I explained that I was shopping at Albertsons.  Living in Las Vegas we have the luxury of having many grocery stores around us.  We don’t really have to drive “out of the way” for anything.  So when I see a good deal in the sale ad, I just stop at that store while in route to my destination.

That week grapes were on sale for $0.88 lb.  Since I wasn’t in a hurry I had time to walk around the store and look for deals. In the meat section.  I look for managers special coupons attached to the package and aim to get the lowest price possible.  This is how I stay within budget when stockpiling.  If you can save 80% or more… that’s when you really want to stockpile.

stockpiling meat

I also mentioned in my video about the hot dog buns.  Don’t laugh those are expensive when you’re comparing them to what I can get them for at Costco.  At Costco I can grab 24 hot dogs buns for $2.29 where they were $1.50 for 8 at Albertsons.

That’s just one way I shop – I’ll be sure to share some more tips when they arise.  Be sure to comment below and share your tips on How you Shop the Unexpected.



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